Arthur Yoria Following His Heart To New York City

Longtime Houston pop-rock scenester Arthur Yoria is moving to New York City in December. And for all the right reasons.

"There's a gal involved," Yoria chuckled when we spoke by phone this week.

Yoria noted he's likely to take a pay cut along with his move to the Big Apple.

"I've actually had a pretty good circuit running the past couple of years between Houston, Austin and San Antonio," he said. "It'll take some hard work to get something like that reestablished once I get up there."

The soon-to-be New Yorker hopes to put the final touches on a three-song EP before he leaves.

"These songs are in Spanish, and I've got Geoffrey Muller coming in to play some guitar on them soon," he said. "Then I just need to figure out a couple of things and we'll be finished."

He released his first solo EP in 2001 and has received multiple Houston Press music awards nominations, including best songwriter and best rock en espanol act. His song "Call Me" was used in the Fox television series, The O.C.

Yoria, who describes his music as "stoner pop," plays Dean's Credit Clothing Oct. 21 at 10 p.m.

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