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Artist of the Week: 10th Grade Cutie

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to [email protected].

We started listening to Friendswood punk rockers 10th Grade Cutie on a semi-regular basis about four weeks ago after someone emailed us their info. Since then - and this is not exaggerated one bit - our car broke down (the serpentine belt broke), one son got a wicked black eye (he was shoved into a table by his brother), we received a letter from the IRS saying there was an error on our 2007 tax return and we owe them a little over $1,000 and our DVD copy of the movie Blood In Blood Out got all scratched to hell.

Point being, if you listen to 10th Grade Cutie, horrible things will happen to you, which might make them one of them more legitimate punk rock bands in town. We reached out in the hopes that interviewing the band would somehow break this curse. After the jump, read about how there's an actual story behind their name, Ted Nugent's vigilante war and how they are not like the Young Mammals.

Rocks Off: Give us a quick rundown on the history of 10th Grade Cutie.

Blaine: It all started my junior year of high school when it was time to vote people into the positions of whatever they get voted for in the yearbook. At the time, I was in 11th grade yet through some error in communication I was turned into a 10th grade girl apparently. "10th Grade Cutie" is a position usually bestowed on the sexiest of the underagers in that grade.

I got put on the ballot for it and the next day after the voting I was called to the office. I thought it was because I was either really high or had a pocket full of Adderall, which I was about to use to get through the day. But when I got there I was informed I won the voting for it. Thus the band name was born.

RO: You guys took a dig at the Motor City Madman with

"Nuge on the Frontline."

"Nuge on the Frontline."

That's completely uncalled for. Ted Nugent is hallowed ground, sirs.

Rex: I think that song came out of some sort of brainstorming session in which we decided that it'd be hilarious if Ted Nugent went overseas and fought terrorism in the Middle East all by his lonesome, since he is a one-man army and all. After we discussed that scenario for way too long we decided that he'd come back and wage some sort of crazed vigilante war on everything that wasn't white or conservative and then we half-assedly wrote a song about it.

RO: Seriously, how much shit do you all give Josh for looking exactly like Seth Rogen and to Rex for occasionally kinda looking like Joyce Hyser in that movie Just One of the Guys?

Rex: Blaine looks like Waluigi from Mario Party. Also, our new tuba player Albert looks like every member of Jethro Tull.

RO: [laughs]

Josh: This is the only question I can give a legit answer to, by the by. I'd like to start my answer off by saying: eat a dick. I'm way prettier than Seth Rogen. Plus, I'm not Jewish. I would totally hit that actress from Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Twice.

Rex: Also, I'm way prettier than Joyce Hyser.


"Flying on the Wings of Love (in Space)"

"Flying on the Wings of Love (in Space)"

is just a phenomenal ballad. The way we see it, any punk band that successfully incorporates a keyboard/piano, the least punk instrument of all time, automatically becomes the de facto best punk band in the city.

Rex: I don't remember recording that song. I remember that it happened. That was the time we recorded an album at 3 in the morning the same weekend as Fiesta, which is like San Antonio's Westheimer Block Party, apparently just on a bigger scale. We had the whole thing done save for mastering four hours after we went in. It was ridiculous. It sounds pretty good too. Well, as good as we can possibly sound.

It's not like we're fucking Rush or the Young Mammals or anything. We're sloppy and fast and it works for us.

Note: This interview ran crazy long. Here are a few highlights that got snipped:

  • 10th Grade Cutie is down to play whatever show you need them to, your grandmother's funeral not excluded.

  • They have an album completely finished and ready to go, but are too poor to put it out. Should you be a music-loving wealthy benefactor, hit them up.

  • Mario Party ruins friendship.

  • They actually like Ted Nugent's music.

  • Nick Jonas is actively pursuing Josh's affection.

Check out 10th Grade Cutie at www.myspace.com/10thgradecutie.

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