Artist of the Week: Best of 2011 Edition

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An appointment into the Houston Press Artist of the Week fraternity is perhaps the greatest achievement any musician can attain in his or her career. Here's a stat that will reflect exactly how amazing an accomplishment it is: No person and/or band that has ever been appointed Artist of the Week has been eaten alive by zombies. None. Zero. Zilch-o. That is a fact, bro.

Do you even understand what that means? The Artist of the Week is so revered, so cherished, so beloved, so deified, that even the undead -- GUYS GOVERNED BY SUCH A SUBTERRANEAN LEVEL OF AMORALITY THAT THEY SPEND THE ENTIRETY OF THEIR EXISTENCES TRYING TO EAT THE BRAINS OF HUMAN BEINGS -- have respect for its members.

Here are the ten best Artist of the Week interviews from 2011.

Of course B L A C K I E made it. Did you know that the very first time we asked B L A C K I E for an interview, he basically told us to fuck off? Yup, yup, yup.

Of course Harts of Oak made it. These guys were interviewed in the weeks leading up to the Houston Press Music Awards. They promised that if they won, they'd sneak the phrase "pimps up, hoes down" into their acceptance. And when they won, that's exactly what they did. Disrespectful bastards.

Of course the maniacal Cop Warmth made it. Those guys are gorilla insane. Have you ever seen one of their concerts? It's like watching a demon give birth (we totally see that all the time, so we know exactly what that's like).

Of course Jazz singer Tianna Hall made it. Her redo of Radiohead's "Creep" remains to be one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable music moments of the year. We've been trying to convince her to take on some Houston rap classics. When that comes to fruition, and it eventually will, Saturn will rumble. Or something.

Of course the League of Extraordinary Gz made it. They've somehow overcome the curse of being from Austin and produced some very interesting, very enjoyable music.

Of course Mantis made it. These guys are Rocks Offs favorites. Lead singer/keyboardist Nick Greer is a red-headed dynamo. Go to one of their shows. Give them all of your money.

Of course Grandfather Child made it. Were you categorizing the city's bands by skill level, these guys would be very near the absolute top of the pyramid. It's like an all-star lineup, this band. So, so, so good.

Of course Third World (who now goes by TV, we hear) made it. His instrumentals are wildly creative and hearty. We've probably listened to his two tapes 6,000,000 times this year. Get them. They are absolutely perfect for any setting that does not involve fistfighting.

Of course Doughbeezy made it. After meeting him at a show at the beginning of the year, he actually set in place a campaign to get into the Artist of the Week column. Last month, he was featured in XXL. That type of thing doesn't happen by accident, bro.

Of course A Thousand Cranes made it. They were one of the first big surprises of 2011. We fully intended to dislike them when they were described to us by a regular reader of the column. Alas, something about not judging a something before something, something, something. You know how that goes.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.