Artist of the Week: Devil Killing Moth

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Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to introducingliston@gmail.com.

You know that super-corny guy in the movies, pant legs rolled up just past his ankles, acoustic guitar in hand, who serenades the girl on the beach as they sit next to the fire at night? We totally yearn to be that guy. Just think about it: Girl, guitar, beach, fire; it's the ultimate quadrawesome. (Quadrawesome: /kwah-jwah-sum/ adj. four amazing things combined together into one super-amazing spectacle.)

By simple deduction, then, acousticians are the suavest dudes ever. So when we stumbled across solemn acoustic duo Devil Killing Moth, the decision to select them as Artist of the Week was a brainless one. We reached out to Anton and Dan and they agreed to answer a few of our questions. It's not beach season yet, so we assume they've got some time on their hands. After the jump, read about condescending shapes, their song that was almost titled "I'm A Perv" and Bon Jovi's stellar "Wanted Dead Or Alive."

Rocks Off: So what's with the name? The Prince of Darkness vs. a jittery bug that may or may not be related to a butterfly. Doesn't seem like a fair fight, now does it?

Devil Killing Moth: Well, the name came from a really weird dream. I know that sounds ambiguous, but it was a dream full of shapes that seemed condescending and at the moment of darkness I saw something beautiful. And the only thing that I can take back from that dream was the name "Devil Killing Moth." Although if there was a moth that could slay a devil, I'm sure I wouldn't want to mess with one.

RO: Did you notice that you've got songs titled "Little Virgin" and "It Was Tight"?

DKM: Yes. And the songs are about sex. I guess I could have called them "I'm A Perv," and "I Need More Lube," but the purpose of the title is not to offend. It's just what the choruses of the songs were.

RO: For some reason, that song "You Could Dream" is very appealing to us. It makes us want to cry and laugh at the same time. It almost inspired us to write poetry, but then we remembered we're not D-bags. Was that your intention? To flush out D-bags in hiding?

DKM: Yes, I guess to flush ourselves out. Really, most of our songs start off as conversations between Anton and I. We try to set the tone and mood of the song, and it fluctuates as any conversation would. I could see how poetry fits in with our music cause it's more about the words. We're trying to provoke emotions, not blow your mind with our acoustic guitar shredding - even though we do put on a good show.

RO: Can you please elaborate a little on the magic of Jewish wine from your MySpace page? Thanks.

DKM: Jewish wine is the best stuff ever. Nothing tastier than kosher alcohol, even though the members of the band are neither Jewish nor kosher. My favorite flavor is probably grape. Wow, sounds like I'm buying some kind of Kool-Aid flavor instead of wine.

RO: Isn't all wine grape flavored? Talk a little about the CD you're releasing Friday at Notsuoh. What should people expect?

DKM: You can expect to listen to the album and hear the truth, abused acoustic guitar sounds, guest musicians you wouldn't expect (members of local bands Irene and Pinche Gringos), a whole lotta sadness and discontent for the human race, and maybe a little inspiration to be your own person.

RO: We probably spent, like, we don't know, 45 minutes watching Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive" on YouTube yesterday. That doesn't really have anything to do with Devil Killing Moth but, man, that's a really good song. Right? What's your favorite Bon Jovi song?

DKM: First of all, Bon Jovi has everything to do with DKM! If it weren't so hard to play Bon Jovi's hits, Anton and I would be in a Bon Jovi tribute band jamming at Forget About What or Shurlucks for a bunch of burnouts. We'd never expand our minds, just spend all day shopping for glam clothes instead of writing songs of our own. So the badd-assiness of Bon Jovi is very real. As for my favorite BJ song, it would have to be "Bad Medicine" with "Wanted Dead Or Alive" a close second.

RO: Besides Friday, when, where and for how much can people see you live next?

DKM: February 27 at Waldo's Cafe 5bucks (in the Heights), or TheAlternative Scream show taping on March 28th(free). We also do open mics from time to time at Fitzgerald's on Wednesdays, and Notsuoh's on Sundays. If the Last Concert Cafe is reading this, GIVE US A GIG!

Check out Devil Killing Moth at www.myspace.com/devilkillingmoth. Their album can be purchased there or at their shows.

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