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Artist Of The Week: Dreamy Making The Band Alumnus Patrick Sims

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to [email protected].

We are not haters, per se; that we write a weekly column championing local artists seems like it would clear that right up. However, with regards to Patrick Sims, the heartbreaking R&B crooner with the dark, dark eyes and the perfect edge-up, we could be. We absolutely could be.

He is young, talented, not ugly, hip and the collars of his T-shirts never appear to be stretched-out or warped, which makes him the prototype of hater-worthy guys. As such, we befriended him professionally, inviting him into the Artist of the Week mafia, that way we could enjoy his successes with him while secretly wishing that he falls flat on his dreamy face.

Patrick Sims, "Got What You Wanted"

Patrick Sims, "Got What You Wanted"

After the jump, read about how many push-ups he can do, whether or not he cried when he was eliminated from Diddy's Making the Band and where you'll be able to get his new album (that will no doubt be very enjoyable).

Rocks Off: Let's get to it: How many push-ups can you do without stopping? You look like you might be able to do a fair amount.

Patrick Sims: On my worst day I can pull off about 500 to 550 push-ups, and that's just on my worst day.

RO: You made it pretty far on a previous running of Diddy's Making the Band, right? When you got sent home, did you cry? Maybe if you had started crying real bad they would've let you stay. That's what we would've done.

PS: I was cool til' I got back to the hotel and called my mom. When I began explaining to her that I got cut, I guess everything I kept in finally came out. So hell yeah I cried, mostly because I didn't understand why I wasn't making it to the next round. Not in a cocky sense, but more so because I was killing it in rehearsals and was a judge favorite.

RO: Did you watch the show on MTV afterwards? Did you cuss at it? Because we would've done that too.

PS [laughs]: Yeah, I still watched it. Me and some of my friends had a mini viewing party. I didn't really have any hard feelings anymore. I understand that not everything is meant.

Patrick Sims, "Enough (2010)"

RO: Do you have an album or an EP or something out that we can plug?

PS: I'll be releasing my EP, Adolescence of A Man, on March 9. The release and listening party will be held at Sucker Punch on March 11. I'm also working with an event promotions team[called] "The Cool" constructing a concert/greatest musical experience of your life, which will be around the last week of March.

RO: Here's a question for you: Tomorrow morning when you wake up there will be a man standing in your room. You won't know how he got there, but you will know that he doesn't want to hurt you so you won't be scared. He says he's your fairy godfather.

He says he has a proposition for you. He says that he can snap his fingers and it will be guaranteed that when you grow up, you will be successful. And not like Manager of Radio Shack successful, you'll be, at the very least, Acclaimed Child Surgeon successful. Only thing is, you'll lose your ability to sing. Do you go for it, or no? Why or why not?

PS: Nah, I wouldn't. I feel success is a standard that an individual sets for themselves. Success is not always monetary or the position you have at a corporate 500 company. To me, it's happiness in doing whatever it is you love to do, or coming home to a wife and kids or even alone with your dog. If you're happy in life, you've reached success. My voice is a gift/blessing and I wouldn't give that up, especially not to some random ass man standing in my room with some possibly bullshit ass promises.

Patrick Sims, "Jon Benet"

Patrick Sims, "Jon Benet"

RO: Since we're dealing in hypotheticals: Let's say someone offered to give you a brand-new Bentley just because. And it's beautiful. It's like something the President would drive if he became a musician. The only catch is the license plate reads "CHLD MOLSTR." Do you take it?

PS: Hell yeah I'd take it. And I'd change my name to Chelder Molastir. Works for me [laughs].

Adolescence of a Man will be available for digital download on March 9. The release/listening party (with some great giveaways and free drinks) will be March 11th at Sucker Punch, 2609 Dunlavy. See Sims online at his MySpace page.

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