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Artist of the Week: Electro-Proggers The Live Lights Assure Us the "Sky Will Fall"

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to introducingliston@gmail.com. Sometimes, you happen across a band at exactly the right moment to make them meaningful or important or good or whatever to you. It's less about genres or musical tastes and more about sentiment (which might actually be how music should be experienced). That's what happened to us with prog-rockers The Live Lights. We had been having a right shitty month this past September. Everyone has those stretches - at least, we hope they do - where everything goes wrong. Every day, something seemed to be kicking us square in the junk, regardless of how substantial it actually was or wasn't. (What?! We're all out of sliced cheese?! You have got to be fucking kidding me!) Then, while researching for a separate article, we came across TLLs' MySpace page. The first song dialed up to play was

"Song For Strangers,"

an electronica fit that felt like the aural equivalent to driving your car around and around 610 while crying your balls off. It was exactly what we felt like doing at the time. (The irony of the song title didn't strike us until we wrote that last sentence.) Following that was

"Sky Will Fall,"

a ghostly, impending-doom track that allowed us to feel sorry for ourselves all over again. We didn't even care what lead singer Bryan Higginbotham was singing about. It could've been anything really (hopefully it was about cheese) because we didn't digest one literal word. All we cared about was that he was sounding absolutely and honestly crushed while he was doing so. We immediately liked them. Now they're your Artist of the Week. Long story short, potential Artist of the Weekers: always write songs that may or may not be about cheese. Rocks Off: A little background fodder first. Tell we a bit about the history of The Live Lights. The Live Lights: Less than a year ago, Bryan and Adam got together and put adds out for a drummer and guitarist. First drummer to respond was Vik. First guitarist to respond was Martin. From the first time we got together, we were all on the same page from day one and have been writing non-stop. Within six months we were in the studio recording. Since we began, we have played numerous shows throughout Texas and Mexico. A highlight thus far was opening up for Peter Hook (New Order/Joy Division) in Monterrey in August. We also opened up for Datarock and Esser last month. We have received great response to our live shows and I think that pushes us to keep coming up with new material so we can keep bringing it to the fans. It's our passion, it's what we love doing. RO: Why "The Live Lights"? Some type of significance to that? If you all go through a blue period, or produce some kind of more melancholy album, any chance we can get you to release it under the name "The Dead Lights"? Maybe that could be y'all's thing. You could switch up your name to reflect the feel of each album. It'd be like a mood ring or something for rock critics (not unlike us) who aren't clever enough to pick up on that sort of thing without goofy cues. TLL: Honestly, after going through hundreds of names, someone threw out "The Live Lights" and that was it. It stuck. One day we will get back with you with a deeper meaning. RO: Your singer's last name is amazing. It's very regal. Did that play any role in his position in the band? Like, there's no way a guy with the last name Higginbotham is playing backup to anyone, right? TLL: He initially wanted to play the triangle in the band, but we were all like "no man, the only way you can play with us is if you are up front, end of subject." After numerous arguments, he finally agreed. It's still a touchy subject that we try to avoid as his dream was to be the world's finest triangle player. Given the fact that he sings and plays keyboard it happened to work out. RO: You have a song called "Sky Will Fall." Emo rapper Kid Cudi has a song called "Sky Might Fall." Both have a spooky, sad sort of feeling to them. (The Sad Lights?) Aren't we clever for having noticed that? Did you all hear his song, scoff at the self doubt he implied by using "might" as the auxiliary verb and decide to one up him with a concrete "will"? TLL: Heard of him, but no, have not heard the song as of yet. But when it comes down to it, why leave it to chance, right? You are either in or you are out? The sky will fall. Done.

The Live Lights, "Lights Out"

RO: The EP [which is solid, by the way] is out now. When can listeners expect to be able to purchase a full-length album? TLL: Our EP is available on iTunes. We will be going back into the studio to begin recording the full length album this month. We are looking forward to getting the new material out for everyone to hear. Until then, come check us out live. We are playing Walter's on Washington this Friday the 9th at 10 p.m. with The Soft Pack from L.A. Come talk to us after the show and we will hook you up with a copy of our EP. Learn more about The Live Lights via www.myspace.com/thelivelights.

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