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Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to introducingliston@gmail.com.

We listen to a lot of hip-hop. A LOT. It's like, not to brag or anything, but we pretty much know everything there is to know about it. We mean, we own at least six hip-hop albums so we're basically experts. And that's why we're confident in saying that, at some point in the future, JUZCOZ is going to have a very large following. As it stands now, the local hipster rap duo is relatively unknown. Hell, they probably have more pairs of large, plastic sunglasses than they have profile views on MySpace (about 2000), but they've already been booked for three live shows in March, including Free Press Houston's Westheimer Block Party. They're stylish, talented, and produce wildly catchy songs; in essence, they're a Kidz In The Hall "Driving Down The Block"-type video away from being an indie-rap darling.

The one obvious hole in their game is the fact that they've only got three songs on their band page, but seeing as how they took a few minutes out of their studio time to answer some of our questions, we assume it won't be that way for long. After the jump, read about how they absolutely did not hijack Andre 3000's steelo, the possibility of a Predator-inspired single entitled "Get To Da Choppa!," and the truth behind why rappers have begun wearing scarves.

Rocks Off: Seriously, why had we not heard of you all before three weeks ago? You guys are dope. Perhaps you should consider getting a new PR person.

Chilawil: 'Preciate the love. 2009 is the year we decided to really get focused. We've developed our own style and sound which has lead to consistent shows and a deal with Esthetic Noise.

Roderickvonn: Yeah, we just signed to them about a month ago so that's probably why you just heard about us.

RO: What is a COZ, how does one go about classifying it as being JUZ or not?

C: Well, the COZ is freedom of expression. We are all individuals but I'm not seein' a lot of that today.

R: To truly come from the heart is something to stand up for, to be yourself, which makes it JUZ.

RO: Dudes, that makes no sense. Do you all purposefully try to sound like Andre' 3000 and Weezy because, yeah, you totally do?

R: I think we all get influences from a lot of people and so do they, but I think I sound like Roderick.

RO: Yeah, seeing as how you're him and all.

C: We get compared to a lot of people - Devin the Dude, Andre 3000, Kanye, Run-DMC. I think that's good we get compared to the greats. But we sound like us.

RO: We bought Predator the other day on DVD. We'd forgotten how badass it was. Can we possibly convince you all to come up with a song called "Get To Da Choppa!"? Because that'd be great, we just know it.

R: [laughs] We might can do something for you.

RO: When someone puts a scarf on while wearing a T-shirt, what type of message is it that they're trying to send? We mean, we find it unlikely that one's neck is chilly at the same time that one's arms are hot, so the scarf/shirt combination has to serve some kind of purpose beyond functionality, right?

R: It's a part of bein' fly.

C: I feel like when you step on stage you're there to entertain and you should look as good as you sound -and we do! [laughs]

RO: Do you two think that the era of sippin' syrup-type rap is officially over in Houston? It seems to have all but dried up as of late.

C: I don't sip syrup so it's never been my cup of tea or...syrup. But I think anything can be hot if you do it right.

RO: Which is better: Trae's Restless or Z-Ro's Let the Truth Be Told?

R: Not real familiar with the music, but based on what I do know, I would go with Ro.

RO: What the eff, bro. Get that shit, man. How'd you all score a gig at White Swan? Seems kinda odd, what with them being a metal club and all.

R: We don't really classify ourselves as hip-hop, we just do music.

RO: Hip-hop music, though. Right?

C: ...and they asked us to come, so we took it.

See JUZCOZ March 26 at Warehouse Live and March 28 at the Westheimer Block Party. (They perform at Numbers.) Hit them up at www.myspace.com/juzcozmusic. 

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.