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Three months ago, the precocious Mary Sarah became the first under 16 Artist of the Week in the history of the world. She sat alone in the teen division of our stables. Today, she gets a labelmate.

Kaitlyn Knippers is another talented singer/song writer/multi instrumentalist/world beater who can do just about anything that you ask of her musically, so long as you aren't asking her to drive to her own concert. She's been on TV, in the papers and performed live at a countless number of places (most nostalgically, Six Flags Fiesta Texas).

So we reached out to Ms. Knippers to directly ask her some questions that indirectly made us feel like absolute losers for not having accomplished half of the things that she already has despite having been on the planet for twice as long. Life is cruel to some.

Rocks Off:In exactly six words, tell everyone everything they need to know about Kaitlyn Knippers. Kaitlyn: Live, Laugh, Love and Breathe Music!

RO: You attend HSVPA, right? We applied there, as well as several magnet schools, but was only accepted to Carl's School of Mediocrity and Fish Fry over on the north side. So what's it like? We hear it's like a live version of High School High. Is that true? K: Yes, I was accepted in the Vocal Department at HSPVA. It is a life changing experience. It is very hard to leave your friends behind though. HSPVA is like a music conservatory for teens. You work on your craft about four hours a day and your academics are on a block schedule (which I love). There has been ups and downs through out the year but I have learn a lot. Its definitely different than most high schools, but we aren't any more or less strict than any other school except we don't have a dress code (cool) :) .

When, you walk through the halls you see girls in leotards and hear music everywhere around you and art all over the walls. It a totally different experience. Oh yeah, and we don't have bells to change classes, you just better know where you're supposed to be and when And our football team is undefeated since 1972 ...[laughs] since we don't have one.

Kaitlyn Knippers, "What R U Waiting For"

RO: We saw a video of you from 2008 auditioning for America's Got Talent. How long have you have been performing? Because it kind of seems like you've been doing this since birth. K: I have been singing since i was two years old; drove my older brother crazy. [laughs] He said I would never be quiet. When I was turning turning my Nana asked my mom if she could get me vocal lessons for birthday and my mom said go for it as long as she didn't have to drive me (I have an older brother and two younger brothers). I guess she didn't realize that she would still be doing that seven years later. [laughs] I started performing pretty much right after my first lesson; it just kind of happened on it's own. I won my first singing contest when I was eight and have been blessed to be have some amazing opportunities singing on Maury's Most Talented Kids when I was 11, Oprah's website for Most Talented Kids in America, I was flown to Nashville when I was 12 to cut a demo and have been performing in concert all over Texas including opening for XFactor JLS and Hot Chelle Rae at Six Flags. I am 14 now and can't wait to see where my music will take me next!

RO: You're about the same age as Rebecca Black. What did you think of that whole thing? Seemed kind of harsh, I thought. But I'm notoriously sissy-ish. K: I respect Rebecca Black as another young artist and I do agree that she is just trying to live her dreams so why are people trying to ruin her? I saw an interview about her and she was just glad that its stuck in peoples heads because that was the point. I believe that everyone has a critic and that taking the positive over the negative only makes you stronger.

Kaitlyn Knippers, "Scissors in My Heart"

RO: Since we're talking about, here's one: Black, despite (or because of) the backlash, has had her video top 83,000,000 hits on Youtube. As a young musician in an industry where it gets harder and harder to get noticed by the day, is that much exposure worth the heat? K: I definitely think it's worth it because someone will always put you down but picking yourself back up makes people love and want to listen to your music more just to see what you will do next. Who knows, she could be working on the next big thing and now she will have an audience to listen.

RO: Have you any new music that you'd like to plug? K: I just released my first EP on Itunes. It's called Just Me. It talks about the typical life of a teenage girl trying to survive school, drama and of course boys! You know you can't leave out the boys.

Kaitlyn Knippers, "Clueless"

RO: Is there an awful person that you know at your school that you want to make fun of right here, right now, before the eyes of hundreds of thousands of millions of readers? Go for it. K: OMG, I can't imagine doing that to someone. Maybe I will write it in a song. My mom has always told me if someone is mean or unkind to me "Kill em' with kindness." Which, is really hard to do sometimes, but being the better person like Rebecca Black will get you further in life and who knows down the road we could just end up the best of friends.

RO: Anything you want to make sure gets mentioned? Now's the time to do it. K: Dream big and shoot for the stars because one day you might just reach them. I know without all the support from my family, friends, and fans none this could be possible...You guys ROCK! Especially my mom who has done everything to benefit me. She is amazing. I also have to say I am truly blessed to be surrounded by some amazing people like Dan Workman from SugarHill [Studios], Lily and Owen at TY songs in LA thanks for all they're help on my album Just Me.

Katilyn Knippers, "Just Me"

Follow Kaitlyn on Twitter at @KaitlynKnippers and friend her on Facebook at /KaitlynKnippersMusic.

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