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Artist of the Week: Lady Lux, Female Houston R&B Trio... and NOT Destiny's Child

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to [email protected].

Let's just get it out of the way.

Yes, Lady Lux is an all-female music group. Yes, they are from Houston. Yes, there are three of them. Yes, they mostly meddle in relationshipy and femme-powering R&B. But no, they are not Destiny's Child. And that's a good thing.

Destiny's Child was the Rockets back around 2003, when the team roster was basically "Steve Francis" and "Guys That Steve Francis Got Pissed At For Not Passing The Ball To Steve Francis More Often." Lady Lux is the 2008-09 Rockets. They lack the obvious Beyonce-caliber superstar, but they'll likely end up being more rounded than Destiny's Child was and they'll probably make the playoffs and give some team that everyone knows is better a hearty scare before losing in six hard-fought games. Or something.

That metaphor tripped up over itself after a bit. Steve Francis certainly isn't Beyonce. And the Lady Lux ladies are probably terrible rebounders. Whatev. Just know this: Lady Lux possesses just about everything a girl group needs to become a radio staple, and the Artist of the Week mafia is stronger than ever now that they're a part of it.

We tagged them late last night for an interview and, thankfully, they obliged. Read on to see how they politely dodge the "how sick are ya'll of the Destiny's Child talk already," the ultimate three woman team and fake stuff.

Rocks Off: So, how sick of the hackneyed Destiny Child reference are the three of you all? It has to be, like, the first thing that everybody writes about you all or asks you all about.

Lady Lux, "Miss Me"

Lady Lux, "Miss Me"

Lady Lux: It is the first thing that everyone asks, but it is a pleasure to be compared to the best group of all times. We admire and have so much respect for Destiny's Child. We hope that we can have an impact on other aspiring artists just as they have done for us.

RO: Who was the other group that Brittny was involved with earlier in her career? When they broke apart, did the other members take the "e" that's missing from her name?

LL: It was a group called Farenheit. They were childhood friends and we formed a group our freshman year in high school. We had been singing together for about four years prior, however we disbanded four years later just in finding ourselves and being three different people. As teens, we couldn't come to a happy medium, so we moved on down our separate paths.

RO: Tell us a bit about that "Counterfeit" single you all have out. That has to be one of the catchiest femme-tunes we've heard this year.

Lady Lux, "Counterfeit" (edit)

Lady Lux, "Counterfeit" (edit)

LL: You know we love this song. It was written by Tammie Latrell August of Star Factory Productions and produced by The Ambassadorz. It is just a real song. So often as women we tend to find ourselves doing things completely out of our character to please dudes that we probably won't end up with anyway, only to repeat the same pattern in our next relationship.

So, the term "Counterfeit" is actually referring to the ladies. We like to talk about real issues in our songs, and this song is a great representation of that.

RO: Let's say there was this big battle royal between famous female trios. It's no-holds barred. You all are locked in a cage surrounded by a moat filled with alligators that's surrounded by a moat filled with sharks that's surrounded by a moat filled with alligators and sharks.

Only one group is walking out alive: Destiny's Child (the version with that semi-funny looking lady that took over for Letoya Luckett), SWV, Salt 'N Pepa (with Spinderella, of course), the girls from Charlie's Angels, the Dixie Chicks, Wilson Phillips, any three of the four main ladies from Sex and the City (Charlotte would probably sit out) and Lady Lux. Who gets to tell their kids about the battle?

LL: First of all, we love the imagery you created! Second, although this is an extremely just wrong question [laughs], if we have families Lady Lux will definitely be telling their kids about the battle! We are all big on family! No, really though, those are some great acts to be in any arena with, but we would definitely give a good fight.

RO: What's the word on the full length album? Can we get a sneak peek?

Lady Lux, "Winner"

Lady Lux, "Winner"

Lady Lux, "Winner"

Lady Lux, "Winner"

LL:Look for it next year, but it is still in the making. However, songs like "Counterfeit" and "Winner" definitely set the tone for the album!

Look for Lady Lux in the feature film Stomp the Yard 2 next year. You can see pics from the set on our their Facebook page. Follow them on twitter at @ladyluxmusic, on YouTube at www.youtube.com/ladylux3 and MySpace at www.myspace.com/ladyluxmusic.

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