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Artist of the Week: Miss Mykie

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to [email protected].

Sometimes, just for fun (read: we’re total toads), we like to prowl Myspace music pages. Actually, scratch that - “prowl” is a bad term, a little too Chuck Rosenthal. We like to... browse MySpace music pages looking for good music from Texas.

We look specifically for Texas artists because we don’t have any real musical ability, and we feel like if we live near someone who does, that somehow translates into us being talented as well. It’s the same reason people cheer for sports teams or root for Americans in the Olympics.

Imagine our excitement, then, when we came across R&Ber Miss Mykie. She’s got a radio-ready sound, a talented producer (Yung Chill), and a head-to-toe white outfit Basically, she validates us big time. Plus, with less than 8,000 profile views, she's relatively undiscovered, which doubles that validation.

We made sure we got with Miss Mykie with a quickness to have her answer a few of our immature questions. She was class the entire time.

Houston Press: Talk a little bit about your past. How'd you get started, what have you done, etc.

Miss Mykie: Well, I'm originally from Denver, Colorado and I moved to Houston when I was four years old. I am the youngest of my siblings and I remember us all putting on talent shows in our basement. There were seven of us so we were our own camera men, judges, audience members and performers. They would never let me perform. I was always, like, the assistant to the camera man.

HP: [laughs]

MM: One day, after throwing a tantrum they finally let me perform. They were blown away.

HP: That's cool. It's like one of those movies where there's this group of cool kids that run the high school and they all act like dicks to the janitor, but then the janitor starts breakdancing or fighting or something and everyone is all amazed. Yeah, it's just like that. You're like a breakdancing janitor.

MM: Yeah, I guess if that’s what you want to call it, but from that point on my family began to take me seriously and saw that I had a gift for performing and music. It wasn't until high school that I started taking music seriously and began trying to pursue it as a career. I've opened up for artists such as Slim Thug, Tyrese, and Paul Wall. More currently, I'm working with producer/songwriter Yung Chill getting my music and image right.

He knows exactly what music to produce and write for me that caters to my voice. Right now we're just focusing on pushing my single "Dear Hater" and doing promotion for my mixtape, That Pink That Green, with DJ Ryno. This mixtape is somewhat like a dedication to Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, which I am a member of.

HP: AKA, huh? Is that why you've got so many college shows booked? Did you have a cool nickname when you crossed over, like the Dutchess of Destruction or Werewolf Hunter? And, just between us, what kind of crazy shit did they make you do to get in?

MM: Yes, in order to reach out to my sorors as well as other Greek organizations that this mixtape may interest, hitting these black-college markets are vital. And those names you gave sounded kinda scary! [laughs]

My nickname was MVP. You can take that and dissect it however you like. I wouldn't say I did "crazy" stuff to get into my sisterhood. We're sisters, and at the end of the day everything we go through is to better us as women. Our organization doesn't believe in hazing. That wasn't what our organization was founded for. Plus, a true lady never kisses and tells anyway.

HP: Wait. They made you kiss? Man, AKA is the best thing ever.

MM [laughs]: No! “A true lady never kisses and tells” is just a sarcastic saying, basically meaning a true lady never gives too much information.

HP: On your MySpace page it's written that you "slept, dreamed, and ate music." I'm curious to know, what exactly does music taste like? I assume it depends on what kind of music it is. Like, Mariah Carey's music probably taste's like Skittles, and Paul Wall's music probably tasted like stereotypes of black people.

MM: Well, different artists definitely have different tastes. I would say my music tastes like grandma's cake fresh out of the oven. My sound and image are very vibrant. The frosting on the cake would be my music that Yung Chill and I create. It's fresh, catchy, and colorful. Now what would a cake be with out sprinkles? The sprinkles on the cake would be my character and personality, which is friendly and fun.

HP: Wow, you really went to town with that metaphor. Do you have a full time job currently, like, Professional Metaphor Expert, or is all of your energy focused on music?

MM: Any artist that has succeeded in this industry has spent countless hours, like me, doing the things necessary to make it to the next level . With that being said, it's definitely a full-time job.

HP: How did you hook up with Yung Chill?

MM: I actually went to high school with him. We both knew of each other in high school because we both were doing music hardcore then. It wasn't until I graduated from Howard in 2007 and moved back to Houston that we officially linked up and started going full blast. I researched him on MySpace and contacted him. We scheduled a meeting and the rest is history.

HP: On a somber note, can you talk a little about what happened to your brother, and how that's affected your music?

MM: Well, my brother was my best friend, mentor and producer. When I began hitting music hard during high school, he was there every step of the way. His initials were TAG and mine are MAG so we would play around and call ourselves the TAG and MAG connection.

During my freshman year in college, he was shot and killed. It totally affected my life and passion for music at that time. I felt like there would be no way for me to do music again without him. Now every time I'm about to get in the booth to record, I think about him and how happy he would be to know I'm still holding down the TAG and MAG connection. - Shea Serrano

Catch Miss Mykie live November 12 at Prairie View A&M and November 14 at TSU. That Pink That Green is available as a free download on her MySpace page.

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Shea Serrano