Asher Roth (and Entourage) Save the Day in L.A.

Despite being branded a hero, "Frat Boy Fresh" Asher Roth has since clarified that he's more so a hero by association. Wednesday, a post on the URB blog claimed that according to his publicist, Roth was involved in detaining a man who made a bomb throat on an Atlanta flight headed for Los Angeles.

The polarizing rapper was en route to L.A. to perform on Last Call with Carson Daly. The Associated Press reported that, as the plane was landing at LAX, an unidentified man announced he had a bomb. The man then "lunged for one of the doors" once the flight had landed. 

Then came the apparent altercation that resulted in the would-be terrorist being ultimately subdued with plastic ties. Kudos poured out to Roth, known for his hit single "I Love College," but speaking to radio personalities Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg, Roth clarified and said it's his guitarist, Chris Llewellyn, who deserves all the credit.

"Apparently I'm Jack Bauer," Roth said. "I had nothing to do with that, it was all my dude Chris Llewellyn. He's the one who detained the man. I didn't witness it or anything like that. He heard the 'Help Me! 'Help Me!' from the back of the plane and he was the first to respond with a couple of other gentleman and pinned the dude down. The dude was like, 'I've gotta bomb, I've gotta bomb'. I didn't get to witness any of it."

According to this report, Llewellyn stayed at the airport to talk to the FBI while Roth rushed over to Last Call. Showbiz... - Michael Arceneaux

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