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Ask a Rapper: Lil' Flip - The Leprechaun Returns, Iced-Out as Ever

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place -lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good- so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email it to [email protected].

This Week's Rapper: Lil' Flip

This Week's Subject(s): Liberace; whether or not grills are rotated in and out like tires; the importance of a rapper's jewelry.

Ask a Rapper: You've got a ton of nicknames, but one in particular sticks out: when you go by Flipperace. Is there some type of story behind that because Liberace doesn't seem like somebody a lot of rappers would tie themselves to, what with the whole "everybody thinking he was gay" thing.

Flip: When I did the Flipperace, [laughs] I was really being funny. That's why I spell it like Versace spell his name. Back when I was in high school all I used to wear was Versace and Armani so I really was playing off Versace's name. He had a lot of diamonds too, but, yeah, I used to wear Versace all the time. That was my thing in high school and middle school.

AAR: With regards to wearing all those grills, is their some type of rotation plan that you follow like you do with tires to get maximum usage out of 'em, or do you just throw 'em in willy-nilly?

F: It really depends. I mean, I'll usually wear my newer pieces and put the old ones up. Some of my protégés, I may hand some down if I feel they're capable of protecting themselves with it. But, you know, I pretty much keep all my jewelry, man, unless I give it away.

AAR: Did we really see a video of you with more than $1 million in jewelry? Like, why does anybody need 30 rings, 30 diamond rings? How many fingers do you have?

F: Yeah, well, because you wear different colors. Some of the rings have white diamonds, some have blue, some of 'em have red, some of 'em have brown. Some of 'em wear like business rings, some of was for just stage shows or stuntin' purposes so they were all different models with different color stones.

AAR: So, like if we have a different color outfit we just change the shoelaces. You just buy a $30,000 pinky ring? That's how you do?

F: Well, I got 'em now.

AAR: Oh. Okay. [laughs]

F: I got rings to pretty much wear with what I... yeah, you can match the rings.

AAR: Are you and Z-Ro ever going to do a follow-up album [to 2005's Kings of da South]? When that album came out a few years ago that was, like, the album everybody was listening to.

F: Man, me and Z-Ro, we got so much music, it's like, the thing about our relationship is where we don't use each other. You know how some people be like, "Oh, I'll try to get a whole bunch of songs with Flip"? Put it like this, I got more songs with Z-Ro than Z-Ro got songs with me.

He never abuses our friendship and neither do I, you know what I mean? But, uh, we got a good 30 songs sitting up so, you know, hopefully we can make that happen. For now, we're just penny pinching 'em; he'll put a couple on his album, I'll put a couple on my mixtape. Yeah, we do need to do a part two.

Lil' Flip's new album, Respect Me, is due in stores September 29. Buy a copy. For regular updates, follow him on Twitter at @LilFlip713. Oh, and you can download his latest mixtape, Return of da #1 Flyboy, here.

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