Ask a Rapper: Stunta da Crook

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place -lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good- so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email it to introducingliston@gmail.com.

This Week's Rapper:Stunta da CrookThis Week's Subjects:

"Keepin' it 100," How much to sell out Houston?, etc.

Ask a Rapper: What exactly does it mean when rappers say they "keep it 100"? It's something we hear rappers say a lot. Paul Wall even has a song titled just that. What's the word?

Stunta: When I say I'm bein' 100 I'm basically sayin' I'm being 100 percent authentic, 100 percent true to myself and to anybody else. So to say "keep it 100" means "don't fake the funk and be you."

AAR: So does that mean that pie charts are rappers' favorite charts? That's the type of chart people use when they want to express percentages, you know.

S: [laughs] I wouldn't go that far to say that about the pie charts. You either 100 percent or nothing. No need for the charts.

AAR: Okay, so what if Universal approaches you and they say they really like your whole thing you've got going on, but they'd like to market you as being from L.A. They're going to give you a fat advance to sign with them - we're talking a Drake/Young Money type of advance - but you can no longer claim Houston. And, through some weird turn of events, everybody would just accept it and nobody would ever question what they said. The only person that would know otherwise would be you. Do you do it?

S: I would have to say... hell no! If I sold out then I wouldn't be true to myself in that situation; therefore not very 100 at all. When my fans ask me why I sell my tapes so cheap [and] they say they would pay double I tell 'em it aint all about the money to me, it's about the music. I just want people to listen. So they either gonna love me or hate me, but thats me and that's life.

AAR: Good point. So isn't it kind of counterintuitive when someone says they keep it 100, and then they get a bunch of tattoos and grills and keep their hair edged up all nice? Seems kinda like an unauthentic representation. We're saying, wouldn't cavemen be the realest dudes ever? Those dudes kept it 100, big time.

S: They ain't keepn it 100 if they getting' tattoos and grills just to be cool. I got tattoos cause I like 'em and I can and I do it outta respect to my hood and my city to represent them. And I keep my threads fresh and my hair cleaned up cause I like to look good when I step out. I represent my hood everywhere I go so I gotta keep it playa. So me keepin' up with my appearance is something I like to do for me and my city. Now that's 100.

AAR: In a couple of your songs, you imply/mention that you'll kill someone if they disrespect you. Keep it 100 now: Are you really going to leave half of someone's body in the back of an Acura

? S: Nah, that's just me bein' aggressive. I don't fear nobody but God. So that bein' said, sometimes a man gotta do what he gotta do to survive. Its a jungle out here, mayne. To answer your question, I don't plan on choppin' up no bodies.

Download Stunta's mixtape - which, if we may say so, was waaaay better than we were expecting - here and see him on MySpace here.

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