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Tell Me Some Good Relationship Hacks. Help!

Tell Me Some Good Relationship Hacks. Help!
Photo by Jeff Fitlow
Photo by Jeff Fitlow
Dear Willie D:

After harboring bad sentiments about dating, I have finally decided to let my guard down and start with a blank canvas. There’s this one guy that is interested in me. My feelings are mutual, but before I take a leap of faith, I want to make sure I have it all together.

So, what are some good relationship hacks that I need to be aware of?

Relationship Hack:

Here are my personal Top 10 favorites:

10. Experience new things together for the first time.
9. Time apart is as important as time together.
8. Debrief after sex. Talk about what you don’t like, what you want more of, and what you or your s/o can do better.
7. Express daily gratitude.
6. Invest in your relationship by eating healthy and staying fit.
5. Argue against problems, not each other. Always remember that you are on the same team.
4. Pay attention to details, and compliment little things like new hairstyles, clothes, shoes or cologne..
3. Ask not what your s/o can do for you, but what you can do for your s/o.
2. Act like you’re still trying to prove to your s/o that you’re the best partner for them.
1. Communicate, and compromise.


Dear Willie D:

So, I was watching Fox News talk about Snoop Dogg’s video, and they had two guys debating, and it got me thinking. Trump makes it clear to the American public he watches Fox News. BTW, if you didn't know already, political comedian John Oliver is buying commercial time on that show to try to get specific messages to Trump, which I think is hilarious, but also very serious too.

I read one morning an article on Fox News' website explaining how Trump should just fire all of his existing Dem federal attorneys, since he was experiencing leaks in the White House. Fox iterated that Bill Clinton fired his Republican attorneys out the gate coming in.

So, I was not surprised the next day when the news headlines were that Trump fired all his Dem attorneys. Now that Fox knows Trump watches them, do you think Fox now effectively has a grip on influencing Trump, and essentially running the country?

Also, do you think Trump cares about minorities, poor people and black people, and is Trump's health-care plan truly a budget plan to steal from the poor and give the money to the rich and elite of the world?

Not surprised:

Actually, I think it’s the other way around. Donald Trump influences Fox News. He’s had Fox by the balls ever since he bashed Megyn Kelly for being harsh on him when she co-moderated the first GOP debate back in August. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like Trump either, but ever since Trump called him out for being negative against him while he was campaigning for president, he’s been kissing so much ass that the Ass Kissing Union is threatening to revoke his membership for excessive puckering.

Trump’s health-care plan would take over $1 trillion away from programs that benefit the poor and middle-class to fund a tax cut for the wealthy. You tell me who he cares about.


Dear Willie D:

I met me a young tender a few months ago, and ever since then it has been on. I’m 56 and she is 23, but she is mature for her age. I have kids older than her, and have lived my life. She doesn’t have kids, but wants kids someday. She likes traveling, but I don’t. Other than that, we have a lot of fun together.

I could get used to traveling, but the kids thing is out of the question. Can this old dude find love with this particular young woman?

Old Dude:

If your young tender wants kids and you don’t, that’s a dealbreaker, my man. You’re sitting on a bomb, and it’s only a matter of time before your relationship gets blown to smithereens.


Dear Willie D:

I currently live in the suburbs of Chicago. Elgin, Illinois, is where I reside, and my question to you and your readers is, what do you think is causing all of the violence in Chicago specifically, and if you were in charge of dealing with what's going on, what would you do, and how would you handle some of the killers once caught?

Chicago Violence:

Which killers are you speaking of, members of law enforcement or the gangbangers? You can’t clean up a city with dirty cops. Since leadership starts at the top, to make Chicago safer, the first thing I would do is implement performance and mental-health evaluations for all members of law enforcement. Then I would kick out the bad seeds and replace them with decent officers who respect the law, and the rights of the citizens they serve. Violators will be punished swiftly and severely.

Next I would conduct investigations and field interviews with every known and suspected gang member to clear unsolved crimes. I would put lucrative monetary incentives in place to compensate citizens who assist law enforcement in bringing criminals to justice (think Iraq and Afghanistan), and I would protect them for doing so.

I would discourage the “us against them mentality” with my officers, and create programs to strengthen community/law-enforcement relations. I don’t expect employers to hire gangbangers, especially those with felony convictions. So, I would give tax incentives and special consideration for city contracts to those who do.

Additionally, I would give special attention to prevention, education and summer youth programs for kids.
Stricter gun laws, more policemen and locking people up may sound good to get support from gullible voters, but they are not the answer. Until you change the mind-set of the people and give them the tools they need to achieve this American dream we often speak of, any change for the better will be just that — a dream.

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