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Hook Me Up With a Job. Help!

Hook Me Up With a Job. Help!
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Dear Willie D:

I am a semester away from having a degree in communication (corporate) from UH-D. Do you need an intern, Mr. Will? My grades aren't going to qualify me for anything to be honest. However, I did attend 9th grade at [the] High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. The school had a systemic bullying problem, where seniors and juniors beat on freshmen. I was kicked out for bullying the bullies.

You talk about cops being bullies, and I get that because the high school that breeds cops had a systemic bully problem. So, I thought that me getting kicked out for bullying bullies that harassed people from my grade is pretty honorable in your eyes. If it isn't, don't worry about it. Chalk it up to another desperate person trying to get a job.

P.S. Thank you for Willie D Live, and thank you for the organic posts on YouTube. I was thinking about it; when you look at the city of Houston, its rappers and their voice today, I can be proud of all of them. From you to professor Bun, Paul Wall, Chabillionaire — all of you guys seem solid, and again thank you.

Desperate Intern:

I’m sorry buddy, but you have to have a 4.0 GPA to intern with me. Just kidding, man. Indeed, those who bully bullies are worthy of honor in my eyes, and deserve to be given special opportunities. Send me your resume and tell me exactly what position it is that you’re seeking, and I’ll see what I can do.


Dear Willie D:

I left my ex-wife and two girls under excruciating circumstances of being falsely accused of dealing narcotics by these punk-ass cops in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2006. After being diagnosed bipolar and getting a grip, I re-entered their lives in 2012, got caught up on child support, and began communication with them.

Unfortunately, their mother has not followed the New Orleans court order to allow visitation, and I have been stonewalled from seeing my children. I've spent upwards of $50K getting to this point, and I don't want to force visitation with my girls, who I know are being influenced and guided to say that they are in no hurry to physically see me.

The latest obstacle is that my oldest, who turned 16 in December, is at a point in her life where she needs to get a Driver's License, bank account, etc., and she has asked me to give her and her younger sister, who is 14, up for adoption to their stepfather for many reasons, with the most important one to them being to legally change their last name.

Do I keep hiring crooked New Orleans lawyers (I'm in Texas), and keep throwing money to the system? Do I consent to my daughter and allow for the adoption? Do I play hardball and demand a physical meeting with the girls before I sign over? Here's another curveball: I have a strong feeling and suspicion that the youngest is not my biological daughter. Should I demand a paternity test prior to an adoption, if I go that route?

I appreciate any color you might provide on this real-life situation for a white male in 2016. Thanks!

Getting a Grip:

First things first. Get the paternity test done, so that you can have all the facts before making any decision. Then decide what is best for the children. On the surface, it appears that the step-dad stepped up to the plate and raised your girls while you were in the stands spectating. Now at least one of your daughters wants to reward him by taking his sir name. I can’t be mad at her for that.

If I were in your shoes I wouldn’t give another lawyer another penny. Maybe you and the mom can work out the best way for it to happen, but as long as those checks are clearing, I would definitely be speaking with my daughters at the minimum. But, not about the name change, because that’s not happening until they’re old enough to do it on their own.

I wouldn’t necessarily play hardball, but I’m not dropping $50K on child support, and lawyers, so my kids can drop my name. Having said that, this is a delicate situation. I know you’re hurting, but your girls have probably been hurt more, so you don’t get to make demands. Make the effort to reenter their lives on their terms one day at a time. Good luck, my dude.


Dear Willie D:

I have been loving you forever, man, but I truly believe you are misled. You go so hard on [for] so-called coons, and I understand you hate Donald Trump, but I have yet to hear you really go in on Hillary or Bill. Have you any idea of the atrocities they have committed against the black community. Bill’s illegitimate kid in Arkansas whose mom he murdered after he became president (he paid her off before that, although Hillary didn't want to give her shit); Hillary calling black people super-predators.

All the rapes and murders that Bill and Hillary have committed and covered up. The child molestation. I know you’re a well-informed dude, so I really don't have to go on and on about how evil they are towards everyone, not just blacks. There's way more evidence about the Clintons’ hatred and manipulation of the community I truly do believe you hold so dear.

I can't say the same about some like Jay Z, Beyoncé, and maybe even Snoop. I've always liked Snoop, but I think he's misled too. I know you know that the Clintons are extremely evil people, especially when it comes to the black community. You say any black man who supports Donald Trump is [a] coon. Why such hatred for a man (and anyone who supports him) that doesn't even compare to the other side? Why ain't you calling Snoop Dogg and Jay Z a coon, my brother? Why?

Trump Defender:

I’m always insulted when people auto-think my hatred of Trump signifies my love for the Clintons. The Clintons and Trump are garbage that share the same trash can. Now let’s talk about coons. Although there’s a huge misconception of what exactly makes one a coon, for starters it should be known that coons are not ethnic-specific.

There are a few running definitions of the word coon, with the most egregious ones being someone whose criticism of their community outweighs their contribution to their community, i.e. Charles Barkley, Stacey Dash, and Sheriff David Clark (self-hate) and anyone who reinforces negative stereotypes about their community, i.e, Donald Trump (racist).

I ain’t calling Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Snoop coons because they’re not coons. Thank you for your passionate comments.

P.S. Since ole Donnie Boy has an excuse for everything, and he looked directly into the eclipse, he can now hide behind the excuse of not being able to see what’s going on in America.

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Willie D is a member of the legendary hip hop band, the Geto Boys, the host and executive producer of the Willie D Live podcast, and an advice columnist for the Houston Press since 2013.
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