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Someone Broke Out My Car Windows. Help!

Someone Broke Out My Car Windows. Help!
Jeff Fitlow
Dear Willie D:

Just wanted to ask a question about a situation that occurred in my neighborhood here in Fifth Ward. It’s a bit of a long story, but my car windows got broken into after a fight with some cats down the street that are not even from here (Houston). Since I live here, I’m bound to see them again. What’s good?


Evaluate your options to make them pay for their transgressions, and choose the one that allows you to remain free, healthy, and alive. I would say call the police, but they might shoot you.


Dear Willie D:

I don't actually have a question. I was watching a video on your channel with the white lady that had killed her children, husband’s girlfriend, and herself. I've left a public comment, but felt I wanted to acknowledge something you had said in the video in a more private manner. But somehow, I could not seem to find another way to do so. I just wanted to say that I know you are a good guy. That's why I 've subscribed to your channel after observing for a while.

I saw your realness, strength, and sincerity and appreciated such character traits. I am very particular in who and what I watch, and how I spend my time on social media, so you clearly stood out. I appreciate what you've said about yourself and character as a man; that is just awesome!

Keep up the good works and may God bless you! If you ever happen to come to Canada, it would be nice to know, so I could pop by to say hello if I'm nearby. Cheers!

Observant Subscriber:

Thank you for the kind words. If I’m ever in Canada, my patrons on Patreon will be the first to know. So, be sure to go to Willie D Live on Patreon, and join the movement so you’ll be in the loop.


Dear Willie D:

It sounds weird, but my best friend since 2012 is possessive of me. We are both females in our thirties. She gets extremely jealous when I tell her about anything I did with someone else. If she sees me in a picture on Instagram out with one of my other girlfriends, she starts questioning why didn’t I invite her, or she says something mean about the other girl.

She is clingy to the point where a male friend of mine asked if she was gay. We call each other boo, but I’m not gay, and as much as I know, neither is she. But it does feel at times like I’m in a romantic relationship with her the way she’s always questioning me about who I hung out with, or what my plans are for the week.

I’m starting to become uncomfortable in our friendship. I’m want to step back, but I know that will make her angry and combative because she will see it as the friendship failing. How do I take a break from her without breaking up our friendship?

Uncomfortable Friend:

Sounds like you’re in a romantic relationship, not a platonic friendship. The sad reality is, sometimes people grow apart. If you don’t like how your controlling friend treats you, simply stop being around her, stop calling to her, stop texting her, stop sharing social-media posts, just stop. Then let the friendship die a necessary death.

But wait a minute, you said you don’t want to break up the friendship. Okay, in that case, just make up an excuse for being unavailable like a heavy workload, or tell her you’ve decided to become a monk and leave mainstream society and live your life in prayer and contemplation. Let me know if you need additional suggestions. I got a bunch of them.


Dear Willie D:

How do I let go of my sinful perverted past, and move on with my life? I'm trying to be a new person in Christ, but I can't seem to forget the mistakes of the past. Also, how do I motivate my wife into making a career change. Her money is funny and it's hurting me.

Perverted Past:

Letting go of your past is a choice. You can choose to continue to beat yourself up, or blame others, and throw a never-ending pity party, or you can embrace the present, and set your sights on future possibilities.

You can’t create your future if you are unwilling to let go of your past.

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