Attention Guitarists: Learn Your Parts...or Else!

It's not that uncommon for band rehearsals to erupt into fisticuffs, especially if the groups' ranks include siblings with the last name Davies, Gallagher or Robinson. Sometimes one member or another just can't play their part and it's necessary to beat the crap out of them. But an Italian goth-metal band by the name of Soul Cry - one of the last remaining bands in the Western world without a MySpace page, apparently - has taken interband infighting to a new and disturbing extreme.

According to an item in yesterday's New York Times, 19-year-old Soul Cry singer Cristina Balzano (above) and her 16-year-old brother were arrested last week and charged with premeditated attempted murder for allegedly stabbing their 16-year-old bandmate more than 50 times. Yikes.

Paging Phil Towle...

"The motive - absurd as that is - is apparently that the way my client played his instrument did not satisfy the two," the victim's lawyer told the Associated Press. The stabbing took place in a small town near Genoa in northern Italy, and AP reported the unfortunate guitarist's wounds were mostly in the head and back area. He survived and is recovering in a Genoa hospital.

Police told the AP they had found a note from the 16-year-old suspect to the victim written a few days before the stabbing saying, "I'm planning a nice little funeral for you." However, he told police his sister - who police found with the knife, and reportedly accused the victim of "sounding evil" was the lone attacker.

Jesus H. Christ. Now there's a band with a bright future. Where's that dude from Metallica: Some Kind of Monster when you need him? - Chris Gray

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