"Auld Lang Syne," In All Its Many Colors

Harry: What does this song mean? My whole life, I don't know what this song means. "Should old acquaintance be forgot" - does that mean we should forget old acquaintances, or if we happen to forget them, that we should remember them, which is not possible because we've already forgotten them?

Sally: Maybe it means that we should remember we forgot them or something... anyway, it's about old friends.

- When Harry Met Sally, 1989

No matter where you are when the ball drops Friday night and 2010 becomes 2011, you'll likely be within earshot of "Auld Lang Syne." You may be hammered, too, which would be appropriate - this anthem of remembrance and New Year's Eve is also a drinking song. Exactly what did you think was in that cup of "kindness," anyway?

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Chris Gray has been Music Editor for the Houston Press since 2008. He is the proud father of a Beatles-loving toddler named Oliver.
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