Aussie Anne McCue Seeking Trumpet, Sax For Volcano Gig

Aussie guitarslinger Anne McCue, now a resident of Nashville, has hung around the edges of the U.S. alt-country and blues-rock scenes for years now. However, her third American release, Broken Promise Land, may finally put the slinky blonde firmly on the map. Beginning with the single "Don't Go To Texas (Without Me)," Promise Land is rock-steady throughout and shows a new maturity in McCue's songwriting and vocal delivery. While not exactly a household name here in the States, her career is rapidly moving through its second decade. Her biggest break with U.S. audiences came when she toured with Lucinda Williams after solo debut Amazing Ordinary Things came out in 1999. Williams, touring heavily behind Car Wheels On a Gravel Road at the time, began to call McCue "my favorite new artist." McCue also toured with Lilith Fair shortly thereafter.

McCue doesn't come this way often, and this time she'll have a road-hardened rock band with her that should raise the low ceiling in the music room at Under the Volcano. She is looking for a Houston-area trumpet and sax player to sit in with her band at Wednesday night's show.

If that's you, email Volcano owner Pete Mitchell at

7 p.m. Wednesday, June 9, Under the Volcano, 2349 Bissonnet, 713-526-5282 or

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