Avril Lavigne, with Gavin DeGraw and Butch Walker

Britney and Kevin, Tom and Katie, and all other gratingly ubiquitous celebri-couples, please turn your attention to Avril Lavigne and Sum 41 front man Deryck Whibley. Engaged since late June, these lovestruck Canadians aren't making a big deal about being crazy stupid for each other. No paparazzi-ready affectionate outbursts of questionable motive. No reality show documenting the marriage of pop-punk's Nick and Jessica. (Consider the similarities, though: Jessica Simpson famously clutched her virginity tight until sealing the deal, whereas Avril sang, "Did you really think that I was gonna give it up to you?" on "Don't Tell Me," from 2004's Under My Skin.) Lavigne herself seems pretty blasé; there's zero mention of her upcoming nuptials on her sporadically updated blog as she embarks upon the Bonez tour and leaves Deryck behind with Sum 41 to get ready to open for Mötley Crüe. Maybe the biggest difference her fans can expect from the union is songs that are slightly more upbeat than "Fall to Pieces" and "My Happy Ending," or at least have a higher smile-to-grimace ratio. The couple is registered at Hot Topic.

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