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B L A C K I E's True Spirit Can't Be Faded On New LP

Earlier this week, B L A C K I E gave away his LP, True Spirit and Not Giving a Fuck for free online. Soon after the announcement, the "definitive underground music blog" got a hold of the album and put it on the site, giving B L A C K I E the title of the aggro-noise rap pioneer.

Rocks Off caught up with Mr. Aggro, recently returned from the "Black AmeriKKKa" tour with Fat Tony, and found out about a new project he's been working on that he promises is completely different than what he's done in the past. Check the link for the album after the jump.

Rocks Off: How was the Black AmeriKKKa Tour?

B L A C K I E: It was the best one I've been on professionally. I didn't want to call it the Black AmeriKKKa tour, that was Fat Tony's idea. I don't name tours, that's not my thing. I'd rather just do the shit."

RO: Most memorable part of the tour?

B: Richmond, Virginia. Every time I cross into Virginia, the weather drops 5 or 10 degrees. Every time I go on tour, that's when I can tell I've gotten out of the South."

RO: All right, what made you decide to give away your LP gratis?

B: I've been working on it all year and I spent too long on it. I have a lot of new music that I'm more focused on. I was glad that I finished it and I just wanted to put it out as fast as possible. I still might put it out on vinyl or tape, but I wanted to get it out so I can start focusing on this next project.

RO: What's coming up?

B: My new stuff is totally different, its nothing like what I've made before. It's made using different instruments and tools. It's like if you made a car out of wood - it's still a car, but it's made out of wood.

I think it might be the best thing I've ever made. It's not done yet. It should be done by January, but hopefully before then. I always have ideas of what I wanna do next. I like to work fast, the longer you spend working on shit, it's just a waste. Just hurry up and finish the shit. It'll never be perfect, it's just gotta be close.

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