B(r)and Awareness: 5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Web Presence

Doing research on famous bands is easy. If you're famous enough to have your own Wikipedia entry, then you're big enough to have dozens of pages on the Internet about you filled with the most interesting and boring bits of minutia. Anything a blogger needs to know to interview, write about, or make fun of you is just a Google search away.

It's when we start writing about smaller bands that things get tricky. Together, the internet and social networking have become the great equalizer in the realm of public relations, giving smaller acts the tools to get their name out to fans and bloggers alike. It's great for the fans, for us writers, and for the bands themselves provided they're willing to put in the work.

And that's the problem. Creating a Web presence is easy but maintaining it is hard. It may not be fun and it may feel like work but it's an important part of keeping your name out there. Want to make sure you're doing it right? Keep these tips in mind next time you sit down at your computer.

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