Back Door Slam

Although their name induces thoughts of hardcore porn of the anal variety, Back Door Slam is actually the newest in a long line of British boys infatuated with the blues. Consisting of teenagers Davy Knowles, Ross Doyle and Adam Jones, the band, despite its inexperience, drew quite a bit of acclaim for 2007 debut Roll Away. Lead vocalist and fast-fingered guitarist Knowles is the center of attention, but like all power trios, it's the rhythm section that provides the meat and potatoes. In songs such as "Come Home" and "It'll All Come Around," Doyle and Jones set a rock steady foundation for Knowles to build his pyrotechnic altar upon. There isn't a lot new going on here ("Outside Woman Blues," one of the few nonoriginals, is a Blind Joe Reynolds number famously covered by Cream on Disraeli Gears), but Back Door Slam has an exuberance reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan when he first started turning heads so many years ago, a fury and a passion that recall Hendrix and Howlin' Wolf, music of power and dexterity that continues to inspire those pesky youths inclined to jam.

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Darryl Smyers
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