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Balinese Room Unlikely to Rebuild

Photos by Brett Koshkin

Scott Arnold, the Houston attorney who bought Galveston's Balinese Room in 2001 and watched it get washed into the Gulf of Mexico during the early hours of Hurricane Ike's landfall, has posted an open letter on its Web site that more or less closes the book on the storied seaside nightclub and casino. An excerpt:

Luckily, there is some insurance in place which will help mitigate the financial loss. Of course, we remain at the mercy of the insurance companies and hopefully they will be fair.

I do retain the rights to rebuild at the site. Economically, that is impossible but I will entertain realistic proposals from serious investors.

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Arnold continues:

Luckily, I have retained copies of many of the photos and other framed artifacts formerly located at the Balinese. A Texas Historical Commission representative is currently sifting the wreckage for any remaining architectural salvage. I am contemplating re-creating a much smaller Balinese Room-themed club and “museum” at a building I own on Market Street near the Strand, or at some other location.

Our email is [email protected]. Please feel free to email us personal pictures, stories, etc from the Balinese. I want to continue to archive the history of the Balinese, and help preserve the legend for the future. I would particularly like to hear from any eyewitnesses to the actual slide into the ocean. My phone is 713-227-6653.

We have heard that there was some removal of artifacts from the debris. If you know of anything that was recovered, please let us know. The City of Galveston has been helpful in protecting these items. You may also contact Lori Schwarz with the City at [email protected] if you know of any such removal.

If anyone did happen to see the Balinese slide into the Gulf, Rocks Off would sure like to hear about it too - especially if there are pictures... - Chris Gray

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