Band of Skulls: "Sweet Sour" Is Bitter Fare

Earlier this month your intrepid VJ brought you a music video called "The Greeks" from London band Is Tropical and the filmmakers at MEGAFORCE.

It detailed a children's war game enhanced with anime-style explosions, blood and just all-around awesome, over-the-top violence. While somewhat offensive on the surface, as I was so told by the small circle of non-deranged friends I maintain specifically for testing that hypothesis, it was ultimately lighthearted. It was like reading Judge Dredd, so much of a parody that the violence itself becomes humor, even though it's still a video about childhood violence.

Now, let's hear from the other side of that equation.

Band of Skulls presents "Sweet Sour," directed by Petecia Le Fawnhawk and Mark Maggiori. The band (Of skulls...sorry. Couldn't resist) doesn't appear at all in the video. Instead, we watch a quartet of young children engage themselves in increasingly violent acts of battery and vandalism.

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