Bar Light, Bar Bright: Beer Signs & Songs That Light Them Up

Rocks Off has a bad habit of what some people refer to as "honky-tonkin'." Single, childless and a lifelong Lone Star drinker, we have no reservations about staying out till all hours, even if sometimes it does make us feel like we're trapped in George Jones' "Bartender's Blues." No use crying over spilled beer, though. Just give us another one.

And so it was that last week we finally found ourselves at the Firehouse Saloon for Chris Knight. Although the Kentucky singer-songwriter is perhaps a little left-of-center for the Firehouse - an average song of his is like a three-minute episode of FX's Justified - he had enough of a John Mellencamp growl to keep the crowd entertained. When they weren't hassling Rocks Off and our photographer about being in Kings of Leon, that is. Evidently they don't get too many beards at the Firehouse; for our part, we've never seen so many golf shirts in our life.

While we were there, we couldn't help but notice the abundance of beer signs emblazoned with the name of one Texas Music/Red Dirt artist or another. Like any other genre, this one has some people we like a lot, and others we wouldn't cross the street to piss on if they were on fire. Be that as it may, we admired the honky-tonk craftsmanship of all the signs, and thought you might as well. Pop a top and start scrolling.

"Laughin', singin', whiskey drinkin', driftin' troubadors/ Livin' like its always Friday night, behind that old red door"

Song: "Old Red Door" (Every Night, 2008)

"Bar light, bar bright, first bar that I see tonight/ I wish I may, I wish I might, Find someone to hold me tight"

Song: "Barlight" (Life of the Party, 1998)

"I've been a drifter, ever since I could walk/ I've been a connoisseur of beer since I could talk"

Song: "Drink One More Round" (The Man That I Have Been, 1998)

"Drowining in straight bourbon whiskey, beer and too much wine/ Playing our songs for nothing but that bottom line"

Song: "Bottom Line" (Level, 2005)

"Two weeks ago last Friday you were dancing at JR's bar/ You told me that you liked me, you don't remember back that far"

Song: "Politics and Religion" (Live at Adair's, 1995)

"Jesus has my heart, but whiskey's got my liver/ Floatin' through life like a raft on a river"

Song: "Drinkin' Song" (Pearl Snaps, 1999)

"A lot of non-stoppin' top-poppin' gets the forgettin' done/ Lookin' down this bar, It's plain to see I ain't the only one"

Song: "Long Neckin' (Makes for Short Memories)" (Loose, Loud & Crazy, 2004)

"Don't spill your beer, don't kiss and tell/ Don't lose your cool and get thrown in jail"

Song: "Party Foul" (Get It On, 2007)

"On fermented evenings I get knee deep in the wine/ Your memory is like a cork, it keeps me in it all the time"

Song: "Fermented Evenings" (Sell Out: Live at Dan's Silverleaf, 2005)

"Woke up a little too late, wearin' the same old shirt/ Maybe I started a little too soon, I'm already slurrin' my words"

Song: "Whiskey's Got a Hold On Me" (Just a Matter of Time, 2006)

"Excuse me miss, could I buy you a cocktail?/ You're so pretty and I just love the way that you... hey, are those real?"

Song: "I Say What I Drink What I Think When I'm Sober" (Long Way to Mexico, 2003)

"And now I'm double fisting long necks, grapefruit and Stoli/ But I'm never getting over Joely"

Song: "Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah" (The Day, 2000)

"We used to be so in love. I don't even know what I did wrong/ So I'm gonna go out and try to drink you off of my mind"

Song: "Good Time Tonight" (Try Not to Listen, 2002)

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