Baytown's Saturate Gets Dickensian In “Unyielding”

Local director Dominic Orozco decided to hold a contest to offer his own professional services for one lucky Houston band, and Saturate ended up with a unique and compelling video free of charge for their song “Unyielding." 

“We had a lot of great acts submit songs,” says Orozco. “In fact, we’d actually picked a different song, but then I went back and listened to ‘Unyielding’ one last time. It just made you feel the way rock and roll is supposed to make you feel — angry and alive.”

The Baytown-bred hard rock act appears in the video, but the real star (apart from the song itself) is Brittany Purr. When she first appears she embodies the ideal 1950s housewife aesthetic. Her up-do, rockabilly dress and prim form are engaged in preparing an elaborate meal on a table set up in some decrepit warehouse. She pours the wine, fixes plates, and makes sure that everything is absolutely perfect even though her guest is an empty chair.

Slowly, as the video progresses, Purr begins to crack and break down. Unable to continue even pretending that she has a guest with her, the prim costume and identity she started off with comes off in pieces. Her hairdo turns tousled, parts of her dress come off revealing tattoos, and her makeup smears. After a while she upends the table and sinks despondently to the ground.

Orozco was inspired in part for the video by Miss Havisham of the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations. The old spinster dresses in a wedding gown day after day, a reminder of the man who broke her heart and left her at the altar. Orozco grew this idea into a modern-day dark version of the plight of musicians’ wives and girlfriends.

“A lot of these women live lives sort of on hold,” he says. “They’re caught waiting for their guy while he’s on the road. That’s what’s scary about Brittany. She finally realizes that what she’s waiting for isn’t coming.”

The truly tragic thing, though, is that as the song comes to a close lead singer Jimmy Miller, who thus far we have only seen in performance shots with the rest of Saturate, stumbles across the ruins of Purr’s rampage looking bewildered. He did come home…just not before Purr lost her mind.

Originally, “Unyielding” was set to be even more violent and disturbing, though Orozco didn’t describe his original premise of the video. However, Saturate felt that whatever the vision was it was something they didn’t feel like their fans would enjoy or appreciate.

“I’ve never seen a band that thought so preemptively about their fan and how something would affect them emotionally,” says Orozco. “We went back to the drawing board. I just had to respect that.”

Watch the video below.

Saturate performs with Saliva, Space Rhino and Erase the Virus next Saturday at Scout Bar, 18307 Egret Bay Blvd. in Clear Lake. Doors open at 7 p.m.
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