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Virgil Wolfe Drops Another Gem

Virgil Wolfe brings sick rhymes and fresh beats.
Virgil Wolfe brings sick rhymes and fresh beats. Photo by Christopher Trahan

When you're looking at the fresh faces that make up who's dropping solid rhymes in Houston lately, you can't overlook the mike skills of Baytown's Virgil Wolfe. With intriguing beats that stick with you for days, his latest four song release with STRCOLCTRUnlimited TV Dinners proves that the new Houston rap class is destined to take over the mantle left by the Screw era rappers.

Opening with the catchy sounds of "Love Case, Er," the beat immediately reminds you of Digable Planets while Wolfe's smooth flow dances atop it all. This is followed by the slow burn of "Filler Episode." It's quickly obvious that Wolfe knows how to hit a mike, even if he doesn't employ trap and all the other formulaic sounds that have cluttered hip hop recently. The chill beat and his impressive flow here are the stunners, not traditional hype.

click to enlarge "Unlimited TV Dinners" is impressive. - COVER ART COURTEY OF VIRGIL WOLFE
"Unlimited TV Dinners" is impressive.
Cover art courtey of Virgil Wolfe

The third track "Red Shirt Dilemma" features some of the more intriguing production of the release. With jazzy piano and a slower stride, the song clocks in just a couple of hairs over the two minute mark. But the way STRCOLCTR mixes the piano up with a relaxed beat is truly amazing, keeping the track stuck in your head as soon as it stops.  Wolfe closes things off with the calm nature of "Spanish Channels" where the under tones of jazz mixed with Spanish language television create a jam that you could blast from your trunk.

You can stream Unlimited TV Dinners on all platforms, or purchase your own copy from Bandcamp.
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