Beanz N Kornbread Cook Up Good Weather Muzik

When Rocks Off ran into the production duo Beanz N Kornbread at SXSW back in March, we were advised to stay tuned for a big project set to drop sometime this summer. Well the summer is here, and that project is the impressive Good Weather Muzik. We caught up with the team to inquire about their origins, inspirations and the new album.

Beans N Kornbread, "Good Weather Muzik"

Rocks Off: How long have the two of you known each other, and when did you become "Beanz N Kornbread"?

Beanz: We are both church musicians, so we met sometime back in 2004 in church. I play the drums and other percussion, while Kornbread plays the keys (piano, organ, keyboards). We became friends and quickly realized that we both loved not only playing music, but also making music.

Kornbread: The names were given to us by some of the older musicians we play with at church, and it fits because we work together so well. There is actually an old song by Louis Jordan called "Beans and Cornbread," which we like to think also inspired the name.

RO: Who are some of the artists or producers that inspired you to pursue music as a career?

Kornbread: For as long as I can remember, I would always pull out the CD inserts from my music collection and read the credits. That's how I began to appreciate such producers like Quincy Jones and Teddy Riley, and artists who produced their own music like Babyface, DJ Quik and J.Dilla. Zapp and Roger's sound and use of the talk box is also a big influence.

Beanz: Growing up, my mom always filled the house with soul music by The Isley Brothers, Barry White, and Luther Vandross. My sister would then play New Jack Swing and G-Funk for me, so I became well rounded in my musical tastes. I even listen to some Tejano music! I love me some Duelo.

RO: You have produced for top artists such as Z-Ro, Paul Wall and Slim Thug. Which contribution do you count as your biggest success so far?

Kornbread: Thanks to our relationship with T. Farris, we were blessed to work on Paul Wall's last two albums. We did three tracks on Fast Life, and seven tracks on Heart of a Champion (including bonus tracks).

However, we are most proud of our work on Dallas Blocker's "Rock Ya Body," mainly because we wrote the vocals and arranged the music. It spun regularly on the radio and hit the Billboard charts for many weeks.

RO: What qualities do you possess as a team that set you apart from the other production teams in the industry?

Kornbread: Two words: Range and versatility. There are some producers that only make dance music, or only produce crunk, or whatever. Not us. We are chameleons - we are able to change and adapt. With our knowledge of music and range of production skills, we can work with a rapper like Z-Ro one day, a pop artist the next, then write an R&B song. If Miley Cyrus calls us, we'll be ready!

RO: What makes Good Weather Muzik a perfect summertime album?

Beanz: We included many genres of music in the album, from down South ride-slow music to West Coast funk, and even reggae, zydeco and dance. The album has a throwback vibe, similar to most of our other work.

It turned out to be a fun project with a mix of street music, rap, singing, and instrumentals. It's all about having fun, enjoying good music at barbecues, drinking Kool-Aid, chillin' with family and friends, that sort of thing.

Join Beanz N Kornbread for the official Good Weather Muzik release party tonight at Candy Lounge (3030 Travis).

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