Beau Hinze's Backporch Shufflers Trounce Other Lone Star Bash Foes

A few Sundays back, The Continental Club hosted the Houston edition of Lone Star Beer's "Battle of the Bands" contest. Of the three bands on the bill that afternoon, Beau Hinze & the Backporch Shufflers won the day, beating out two other local bands to go up against the winners from Austin, San Antonio and Dallas' preliminaries.

The Shufflers ended up trouncing the other cities' contestants in the statewide round, bringing home the championship to Houston - just as it should be - and earning a spot on the bill at Lone Star's second annual Brewery Bash Sept. 25 in San Antonio. Hinze and friends will join the Texas Tornados and Band of Heathens on the Lone Star Stage, while Hacienda, Bob Schneider and Dale Watson do the honors on the Beer Garden Stage.

Rocks Off caught up with the band this week in the wake of their win. We tried to get them to defame the other cities, but they weren't having any of that, so we commend them. There is still so much we want to say about Dallas.

Rocks Off: What was the competition like from the other cities? You can level with us - you killed them, right? How bad did they suck?

Beau Hinze: No sir, the other bands far from sucked. Each band got to this position because they had their own unique style. Somehow we had more fish on our stringer, so we got to play the Bash in San Antone.

RO: What's it like bringing home a prize like this to Houston? Are you going to Disneyland to celebrate, or a bar?

BH: Winning the live competition in Houston was our payoff of hundreds of hours jamming our tunes on the porch. It felt unbelievable. Is there a bar in Disneyland that serves Lone Star? Probably not, so no, we're not going to Disneyland.

RO: Other than winning this contest, obviously, tell us a story involving your best times with Lone Star.

BH: In third grade, I wrapped a Lone Star Light in aluminum foil and put it in my red Last Starfighter lunch box. The faculty on duty at lunch did not find it very amusing. Needless to say, I went to the principal's office. All I could come up with was my dad took my aluminum foil wrapped soda pop for his lunch on accident. They must have bought it, because I didn't get licks.

RO: Who are you most excited about playing with at the brewery?

BH: That's almost impossible to answer. But if I had to name one, I've seen Bob Schneider four times live, so it seems weird to jam on the same stage as Bob.

RO: What's the plan after this for the band?

BH: We will no doubt be on the porch playing the music that we love, waiting for a phone call to go play for people that want to hear us... with a cooler full of Lone Star. And that's not kissing ass, that's real... come see for yourself.

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