Beavis And Butt-Head's Greatest Video Hits, Dillhole

On the night of November 28, 1997, Rocks Off was sitting in his friend Chad's parents' house in Pearland, watching the final episode of MTV's Beavis and Butt-head. The boys had been a part of our daily lives since at least fifth grade, and as we marched into the second semester of ninth grade they were leaving us to fight the butt-munches and dillholes of the world on our own.

Wednesday, the rumors that were circulating about creator and Austin resident Mike Judge making new B&B episodes proved true. Word came down that he had written at least 30 new adventures for the boys, complete with music video featuring commentary from the animated high school troublemakers. It made our wiener move and stuff.

For Baby Boomers, this is like Howdy Doody coming back; for Gen-Xers, the return of Schoolhouse Rock. What can we say, our generation is pretty lowbrow - we did invent reality television and are all addicted to Adderall.

The coolest things about the show - more than proto-Hank Hill Tom Anderson, playing with fire, Burger World, trying to score, Stewart, Principal McVicker, and chicks with big thingies - were the music-video clips. For the younger set, it was the first time we saw footage of people like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and '90s bands like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and White Zombie.

No word yet on when Judge's new episodes will be coming to television, but in the meantime brush up on your B&B with our favorite music video moments from the show. To tell you the truth, we never stopped watching any of these clips, and we routinely quote the show even to this day.

Live, "I Alone"

Best Line: "I think this dude is checking you out, Beavis."

Lou Reed, "No Money Down"

Best Line: "This dude should be in GWAR."

Cheech & Chong, "I'm Not Home Right Now"

Best Line: "Cheech should change his name to Butt Cheeks, and then it's like it would be Butt Cheeks and Schlong."

Motorhead, "No Voices In The Sky"

Best Line: "Lemmy looks like that dude down the street who's always working on his car."

Sagat, "Funk Dat"

Best Line: "How come they call it taking a dump and not leaving a dump? After all, you're not really taking it anywhere."

Annie Lennox, "No More I Love You's"

Best Line: "Knock knock."

"Who's there?" "You're a." "You're a who?" "You're a buttmunch, dill-hole, dumbass, and a turd!"

Danzig, "Mother"

Best Line: "I heard that this dude can bench press 140."

Snoop Doggy Dogg, "Gin & Juice"

Best Line: "Hey Butthead, did you know I'm from Compton?"

Men Without Hats, "The Safety Dance"

Best Line: "This butthole keeps saying he can dance, but it's like, he can't dance."

Pantera, "This Love"

Best Line: "Dammit Pantera! This beer is warm!"

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