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Because We Haven't Written About 10th Grade Cutie In What? Two Weeks?

In news that is sure to send shockwaves of joy, relief and fear through most Montrose-area bars, Rocks Off's favorite minors 10th Grade Cutie are turning legal drinking age this winter. Last night we stopped by Super Happy Fun Land to give special salutations to the birthday boy, 10GC guitarist Lil' Blaine. Out in the parking lot, the party was already in full swing. Blaine said the first thing he bought as a legal drinker was a six pack of Red Stripe. He was not carded.


As for the show that was to follow, Rocks Off couldn't stick around for it, but bassist Rex Nabours and Blaine did promise to play a set of Third Eye Blind covers if we stayed. They also voiced a concern that they were getting older and the whole "Cutie" thing won't be too funny for much longer. Plans are already being drawn up for 10GC to slowly devolve into a Sherlock's Baker Street Pub-style cover band, dishing out Kings of Leon and Creed songs to thirsty NASA employees at the Clear Lake location.

The dream is dead.

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Craig Hlavaty
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