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Beethoven Rocks Harder Than Ever

Rocks Off is following our sister Houston Press blogs into the choppy waters of "Comment of the Day," choosing a comment or a handful of comments from the previous day we find especially enlightening, infuriating or just plain hilarious. We're glad our readers have opinions, whatever they are, about what we write, and encourage them to keep 'em coming.

Rocks Off is really starting to like this Comment of the Day thing, especially when it gives us an excuse to play one of our favorite pieces of music of all time for you. Jef With One F rolled over Beethoven for the maestro's 240th birthday, and drew some very complimentary comments.

brinnlitz says:

The Ninth is my favorite work of art/music, ever. It's the European Union's anthem ... which speaks for how universal it is.

Hyperion says:

Yes, Beethoven's Ninth is the greatest piece of music ever written. And this article is outstanding too!!

Classic Rock Bob says:

"But has Beethoven ever been on a bubblegum card? How can he be famous if he doesn't even have his face on a bubblegum card?" - Lucy Van Pelt

K says:

What? No mention of "Commissioning a Symphony in C" by Cake? :)

Good article though!

Rocks Off could not agree more. Now turn off your cell phone, pull down the shades, lock your office door and enjoy the finale to Beethoven's Ninth. You can take 25 minutes out of your life for this. Tell us if you don't immediately feel better.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And this one's for you, K...

Cake, "Commissioning a Symphony In C"

Happy Friday, everyone.

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