Ben Folds

Ben Folds's last CD, Songs for Silverman, is what he calls his "grow a beard, lock yourself in the studio and play for a couple weeks" album. Songs was recorded in the same RCA Studios used by Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, with just Folds on piano, Jared Reynolds on bass and Lindsay Jamieson on drums. That was last year. This year, Folds is hitting the stage with a slightly different line-up -- the Houston Symphony. That's a step up from the trio, yes, but you can expect Folds's music to be just as smart, his lyrics just as funny and his style just as audacious as ever. Folds will be performing music from previous CDs as well as Songs for Silverman, including "Landed" (an ode to a bad love affair, where the male half of the couple comes back from Crazyland and lands at the Back to Reality Airport -- see, we told you Folds was funny).

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