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Ben Jarrad Impresses With New Single

Ben Jarrad brings plenty to the table on his new song "The Way."
Ben Jarrad brings plenty to the table on his new song "The Way." Photo by Jeremy Scott
Music is a funny place, in that you can watch a band and have no idea how accomplished each individual member is on his or her own. That's what I'd guess would happen with anyone who caught Ian Moore live, as his bassist is an accomplished artist in his own right. In fact, when you look at all that Houston's Ben Jarrad has done over the years with his band Ruckus or with his solo projects, being the bassist for Ian Moore is just another cog in the wheel of music. On his latest single "The Way," Jarrad proves that while it's been a while since we've heard solo work from him, it was definitely worth the wait.

click to enlarge "The Way" is a return to form from Ben Jarrad. - ART COURTESY OF BEN JARRAD
"The Way" is a return to form from Ben Jarrad.
Art courtesy of Ben Jarrad
The song, found above at the link, is a mix of gentle singer songwriter and adds these intricate passes of folk rock structure. Jarrad doesn't waste time in giving listeners the goods, complete with hooks that seem to stick to you on the first play. Keeping things under the three minute mark, the song reminds you of plenty you've heard before, while still sounding original and in line with what Jarrad's done in the past. His vocals complete with soft gargled rasp almost give the track a weight in their own right. The lyrics go further than the typical singer songwriter world, and make you long for what Jarrad does next.

You can stream the track on Spotify while keeping an eye out for Ben Jarrad at SXSW, as well as on the road with Ian Moore. You can follow Jarrad here, and remember that his plan is to drop a new single every couple of months over the rest of this year. You can catch Jarrad on stage next at House of Blues on March 28. The all ages show has sets from Matt Harlan and James Caronna. Doors at 7 p.m.; Free.
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