Benefits, Outdoor Shows Fill Up Fall Concert Season Quick

"Winter changed into spring, spring changed into summer, summer changed back into winter, and winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight on into autumn" - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

That's what it's starting to feel like at Rocks Off HQ, especially on the local front. The summer concert doldrums are coming to an end, even if the heat is not (just yet), and you don't even have to wait until Labor Day. This week Discovery Green and the renovated Market Square, which reopens Saturday, both announced their fall outdoor music lineups, but first there are a couple of killer local shows this weekend Rocks Off needs to remind you about.

First, don't forget the benefit for Electric Attitude lead singer Blake Shepard's sister Mareshah tonight at Walter's. She was hit by a car while crossing Washington Avenue back in July, and her family needs all the support it can get. But with a jaw-dropping local lineup of Sideshow Tramps, Electric Attitude, Roky Moon & Bolt, Young Girls and The Live Lights, that ought not to be too hard. Cover is $8, and money well spent.

Secondly, the Mink is hosting another wicked local lineup Saturday night in support of KTRU. As the station's days on the FM dial continue to dwindle, so call it a wake if you must, but don't call it a benefit because it's free. This one's got Buxton The Ton Tons, sIngs, B L A C K I E, Giant Princess, Free Radicals, Michelle Yom, Benjamin Wesley and Roky Moon & Bolt (again). Doors at 7 p.m.

Now on to the outdoor shows, starting with Discovery Green's muy bueno, and completely free, Thursday-night Capitol One concert series:

  • September 9: Los Skarnales & Karina Nistal
  • September 16: Cyril Neville & Tribe 13
  • September 23: Texas Tornados & Los Pistoleros de Tejas
  • September 30: Wild Moccasins & the Mathletes
  • October 14: Two Tons of Steel

And finally, if one night of free outdoor music isn't enough, The Houston Sound is hosting Wednesday-evening shows, also free, in the all-new Market Square. Here are those:

  • September 8: Soular Grooves & Beetle
  • September 22: Two Star Symphony & Roky Moon & Bolt
  • October 27: Tody Castillo & Black Queen Speaks
  • November 10: Sarah Sharp & Grandfather Child

Silly Rocks Off, thinking we might actually get to spend some time at home this fall. That'll show us.

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