Cat Darshad calls her music Just Hangin' Out.
Cat Darshad calls her music Just Hangin' Out.
Screenshot by Jesse Sendejas Jr.

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Music Act Name

Best Music Act Name: Just Hangin' Out

Houston has a music community and Cat Darshad is part of it. The singer-songwriter calls her music Just Hangin’ Out and it’s a catalog of Kimya Dawson-esque, pared down tunes that speak truth through sometimes comic and frequently poignant lyrics. It’s also the perfect moniker for her approach to sharing music with Houston and the world. "I remind myself that it's mostly for me, so all the effort that goes into it is worth it," she told the Houston Press a few months ago ahead of a Satellite Bar show with national acts Colleen Green and Cassie Ramone.

Darshad’s band name is best because it could also be applied to the Houston music scene as a whole. Some of its creatives are content to produce art for the locals. By choice or circumstance, they focus their energies on Houston and hope something big evolves from home. Some observers might see them as "just hangin’ out," but they’re generating new and exciting music for audiences. Other Houston musicians are mining musical opportunities elsewhere. Artists like the stellar saxophonist Jordan Donald, who plays in Stevie Wonder's touring band, or Steve Krase and Trudy Lynn, whose Facebook pages play like a global travelogue as they take Houston blues to the masses, are hangin’ with music fans in venues all over the world. Here or abroad, Houston musicians are just hangin’ out and their fans are all the better for it.


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