AvantGarden is open to just about anything.
AvantGarden is open to just about anything.
Photo by Kate McLean

Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Patio Bar

Best Patio Bar: AvantGarden

Mystery, history, character, the bones of this turn-of-the-century Kraft home have acquired them all. AvantGarden is more an atmosphere than a location as artists, comedians, musicians and patrons—hell, even wedding parties collect to create and enjoy. The back patio boasts high ceilings with tree foliage filling in the blanks and the entry, complete with a stone fountain nearby, has front porch novelty. A trip upstairs will find another balcony with a good bird's-eye of festivities. AvantGarden doesn’t feel like a bar, it feels like a private home, which is a large part of the appeal. And Thursday nights, after local comedy sets, are typically bonkers.

411 Westheimer, Houston

Readers' Choice: Boheme
307 Fairview, Houston

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