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"Best of Houston" Categories That Didn't Make the Print Edition

This Thursday, the Houston Press is throwing our annual "Best of Houston" party at Lucky's Pub next to Warehouse Live. And yes, we will be bringing our Beatles: Rock Band rig for all of you to drunkenly damage and tarnish the memory of the greatest rock band ever not named Motorhead. If all goes well, we may have some Kings of Leon tickets to give away.

The party celebrates this week's "Best of Houston" issue, and this gives Rocks Off a chance to trot out some of our own categories that didn't make it into print this year. In the issue, you'll find out things like where the best record store is, what band has the best live show, and what club has the best restroom. You know all those vital and important facets of our city (or you will soon enough). But certain things we had to save just for all Rocks Off's dear readers out there...

[jump] Best Drunken Phenomenon: Our new favorite oddity has been the trickling exodus of would-be Anvil patrons who end up migrating either behind the building to sip at Etro, or go across the street to Boondocks to see how the lower end of the tax bracket drinks. The increasingly long lines to get inside Anvil are hindering the drinking process for the discriminating, who are becoming indiscriminating once they can't get into their favorite swank haunt.

There's nothing like a Midtown swell and his future ex-wife bellying up to the bar at Boons next to a Walker twin or skinhead on a date.

Best Bar That's Not Even Open Yet: If you have done any time on the Island off Main, you have seen the beautiful Houston music murals in front of the building next door. This is where a new spot called Wallpaper is to supposedly open up sometime in the near future. From the outside it looks like it will be a swinging place, fitting in well with the roots and Americana cats at the Continental and the hipster divers over at the Mink. We are already calculating what our bar tabs may be one day, and what the circumstances will be of our first forced dismissal from the premises.

Best Place To Get High (So High) on The DL: If getting lifted on hippie lettuce is your thing, and you don't want to camp out in your car to toke, Last Concert Café is the place to be, like, every single night. At the location there is a small enclave inside where it's said that you can like totally "toke" up, "maaaaan." That must explain all the righteous jam-band music and the rich Mexican food.

We can dig it for sure. Not that we condone, you know, breaking the law or anything.

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Craig Hlavaty
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