BestFest: Bun B, Rap God; Toadies Close Out With A Shred

It's hard to write about Bun B objectively anymore. Really, it is. He has ascended to where ever it is that people who are hard to write about objectively ascend to. It feels like, if he just did it with conviction, he could walk out on stage, take a dump right in the middle of it, then be like, "UGK for life!" and people would lose their shit.

"@BunBTrillOG That was a trill ass dump you took on stage, thanks for keeping it real," someone would inevitably tweet.

That said, for real, no fanboy, Bun was strong. There just aren't a lot of things better than listening to country rap music performed outside at night in September. Two things from the show that maybe were accidents but might not have been:

1) Bun performed the song where he likens himself to a money press, during which he spouted water from several water bottles out into the crowd. Something about making it rain, I imagine. Or maybe he just thought it'd be funny and neat. They both seem reasonable. I mean, he did name his third album Trill OG (trilogy).

2) Bun performed "One Day," which has just about the most inescapable premise found in any chorus of any song of any genre ("One day you're here, the next day you're gone"). Naturally, he dedicated it to Pimp C. The clever part though: He preceded it with his work on Three 6 Mafia's paradigm shifting "Sippin' On Some Syrup," which, duh, played a part in Pimp C's death (the syrup, not the song). SHEA SERRANO

I have loved every minute of this BestFest. I say this BestFest because I know that there will be dozens more and that they will only get larger and larger. My job this first day of the festival was to announce the smaller bands and shout out to the folks helping pay our bills and sponsoring the whole shebang.

So, in the midst of introducing bands I have seen the crowds get thicker and looser as the day went on, which is a great thing, seeing that the past month or so has been leading up this very weekend. Watching people who may have never seen a band like Los Skarnales get whisked away into a cramped club just for 45 minutes is why you put on festivals. To see people get off to the things you love. And food and booze. For sure.

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My faves today were Against Me!, naturally because we dress alike; Slim Thug, Bun B bringing out Z-Ro for the last few songs of his set, the Skarnales. Chamillionaire's set was one-half weird AM radio show, and stellar rap show. Dude needs an AM radio show, maybe a rush hour gig on the one of the AM stations. Cham's Gridlock Get-Down. And yes, if you are reading this Cham, that girl did want to touch your genitals with her mouth.

Right I am listening to the Toadies, who are sounding amazingly vital and anthemic, and watching that BestFest ball hang over the grounds, our artificial moon as it were. The Houston skyline looks like a trillion damned dollars in the background. ariend of mine heard a guy say that he hopes that the Toadies play "Where Is My Mind?"

Wrong festival, but then again, maybe next year. I'm sunburned, sweaty, and thrilled that Houston had a great time today. Oh, and there is a whole Sunday to look forward to now. Time to get a shower, some sleep, and... who am I kidding? it's after-party time. Duh. CRAIG HLAVATY

Man, guitarist Clark Voegeler can do some nasty things to a guitar. Talk about chopped and screwed. The Toadies just started their encore with the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down," bringing out the same sort of rough beauty as "Dollskin" earlier in the set. There was also a lot of screaming, some filthy blues ("No Deliverance") and flag-this-guy's-file alt-rock anthems like "Tyler," opener "I Come From the Water" and "Possum Kingdom," which they're playing right now amid the skyscrapers and sweaty folks.

I have to say, I was wondering how today would go over. It went great; if you didn't come, you should have (and you should tomorrow). By and large the performances were superlative, and all the musicians I talked to - some who played today, others who just came to hang out - said they had a great time.

BestFest didn't let me down. See you tomorrow. CHRIS GRAY

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