BestFest: Slim Thug's Sweet Tooth, Against Me! Destroys, Bun B Trills

Slim Thug is in front of me eating a popsicle right now. That sums up the second half of my day pretty well. There was skanking at Los Skarnales - both kinds - and a surprise Baby Bash mini-set before Slim Thug came onstage. I forgot how much "Suga Suga" reminds me of summer school buffoonery and experimentation.

The high point, though, was Chamillionaire's set. He took the stage and took control of the audience, making us toys for his own amusement. He made us do the "bird dance" even though we all looked ridiculous doing it and then called out anyone who was too cool to do what he told us to.

He even brought two random dudes to the stage so that they could rap a hot 16; Koopa wanted to give them their shots since he never got the chance to do it when he was coming up in the rap game.

Turns out that the skinny Mac Miller-looking dude in the throwback Rockets jersey with no undershirt could actually spit. He even threw out a Comets reference. Is the WNBA still around? Also, "N Luv Wit My Money" is that anthem, y'all. ALLISON WAGONER #BASED

If you had told me a year ago that Slim Thug, Against Me! And Bun B would be playing back-to-back-to-back sets in the middle of a gigantic field just south of Downtown Houston, I probably would have smacked you. But that just happened, and it was everything it was supposed to be. Slim pulled out all the stops, surprising fans before his set with a special appearance by Baby Bash.

Against Me! Kept the crowd's energy high, playing song after song without a break, cramming as much into their one-hour-long set as they could. By the time it was over, I'm pretty sure that their vocalist's voice was entirely gone and the drummer's drums were destroyed. (He's E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg's son.) Then the sweaty crowd made its way south to the other stage to see the King of the Trill.

And now, Bun is onstage, staring at an energetic crowd in front of the Houston skyline. Having listened to his music since before I can remember, shaking his hand and speaking with him shortly before he went onstage was unreal. MATTHEW KEEVER

Holy crap, I think Against Me! Played every song they've ever written, and then some. Those boys really wanted to share a lot of songs with us. Which was pretty cool, although not as cool as Bun B's claim to be a certified gangsta.

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That's pretty neat that you can get certified; back in the days of the O.G. (or "Original Gangsta" in the parlance) you used to have to be an Apprentice Gangsta for a number of years and then hopefully, if you survived, you became a Master Gangsta or even a highly-disciplined Shop Steward Hustla. So the fact that you can go to Gangsta Night School and get your certification shows a real streamlining of the process.

The sun went down, so now we can safely switch from water to alcohol. Hallelujah. I've got some catching up to do. JOHN SEABORN GRAY

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