BestFest: thelastplaceyoulook Rolls In The Deep & All That Jazz

If you missed Hell City Kings, the first band that played today, you missed out on a really religious experience. That could have been because frontman Josh Wolf made the set look like a Christian summer camp.

Since it was so early, there were only a few of us hanging over the barriers, watching him stretch his arms out like he was being crucified. It was very rock and roll. Now it's 2:30 and I just finished watching the dudes from thelastplaceyoulook perform in body sweaters and face sweaters during what feels like the hottest part of the day.

They covered Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" and there was a gaggle of girls singing along and hitting their boyfriends in the arms like, "THEY'RE PLAYIN' MAH SONG!"

Really, though, for midday in Midtown, it's surprisingly pleasant. Get here and peep Chamillionaire and Bun B if you're not here already. ALLISON WAGONER #BASED

The .8-mile walk from my Montrose apartment to the Midtown superblock wasn't all that bad, the soaring horns of Texas Brass band audible by the time I turned on McGowen. As I neared the entrance, a man in a convertible flagged me over to ask what was going on behind the green mesh barrier. BestFest yo. Or in the words of thelastplaceyoulook front man Nava, "band tennis".

The most enjoyable round so far came courtesy of Althea Rene, and a shady strip behind the sound tent. It's always fun to watch unedited moments of pure enjoyment, and sound technician was really (really) feelin' the jazz flautist, be-bopping around behind the board and intermittently shouting out phrases like, "Jazz! Fucking art man!" and "Man, I didn't know I was gonna get jazz and funk. I'm so glad I'm not on the other stage." LAUREN MARMADUKE

Walking into BestFest, I was met with a familiar sound that transported me back to my high school days. As a drum major at Jesse H. Jones Senior High School, I heard trumpet fanfares and tuba bass lines every evening after school and on game nights.

The Texas Brass Band hits you hard and loud, with enough energy to march in a Mardi Gras parade and still go partying on Bourbon Street afterward. They wore red band shirts and spats on their boots, dancing and pumping up the early crowd with every note. Perfect way to start the day. MARCO TORRES

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.