Movie Music

Beyonce As Ginger "The Movie Star"? How About Meat Loaf As The Skipper, John Mayer As Gilligan...

Good news, everyone! Hollywood has heard your desperate pleas: Warner Bros. is producing an updated movie remake of Gilligan's Island. Thank God! This should go over even better than Land of the Lost did!

All kidding aside, this might actually be good news, since if the movie version of Gilligan's Island makes Rocks Off laugh even once, it will automatically be leagues better than the profoundly moronic TV show upon which it is based. The show's creator, crap magnate Sherwood Schwartz (The Brady Bunch), has recently gone on record saying he'd like Beyonce to play the role of Ginger, the glamorous Hollywood starlet among the seven castaways.

Well, we can certainly imagine worse things than watching a dolled-up Beyonce for a couple of hours (it's what got us through the terrible third Austin Powers film), and the possibility of seeing B cast as Ginger got us to thinking: who else in the world of music should play the rest of the Gilligan's Island cast? Who else indeed...

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John Seaborn Gray