Beyonce, Jay-Z, LeBron Throw an Elegant Uptown Park Affair

Red carpet moments don't yield many moments of candid humor. Camera guys tuck themselves inside of smiles and insider stories about their best and worst shots, writers peg themselves as the anxious ones itching for a quote when it's really the other way around, and handlers attempt to make sure everything is square.

So when you overhear, "What does the CEO of Twitter look like?" you then scramble to your smartphone and try to Google Dick Costolo, unaware that his son played a vital role in someone's winning the Slam Dunk Contest. He appears normal, a crowd guys remark with quips about him being a "CEO type" before their eyes jerk back to the door... and LeBron James steps in.

The instantly recognizable guy always wins out.

Sprite's 2Kings dinner, a joint production between the NBA's reigning MVP LeBron James and Jay-Z, who has ascended far beyond just being a rapper was held in the swanky RDG+Bar Annie near Uptown Park, and it brought out the stars including NFL MVP Adrian Peterson, NBA legend Scottie Pippen, NFL star Dwight Freeney, record exec Irv Gotti and James' Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh, who while nullifying all slander thrown his way for his aloofness in the public eye thanks to a bombshell of a wife, was gracious enough to give an interview.

"I'll take Houston's All-Star Weekend over Dallas'," he noted. "Its much, much better here." Fun to note here that Bosh is from Dallas, so any point in life where you can throw shots at Jerry World, you have to take it.

The guests had started piling in but not before everything slowed to a complete stop. There, Beyoncé, shining light walked in with her husband trailing not far beyond. The photographers snap a few pictures of the couple, ironically some equipment breaking in the process.

That's what Beyoncé does on the night she has a documentary premiere across the globe, she breaks cameras based on sheer aura alone.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.