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Beyonce Nude, Still A Texas Gal At Heart

Rocks Off has been clicking our "This Week In Beyonce" category more and more lately, and we expect to keep doing so as the hype builds surrounding her latest album, 4, which is scheduled to be released June 28 but leaked to the Internet Wednesday.

We're still working our way through 4, and hope to have one of those "First Listen" things we do sometimes up by the weekend. In the meantime, the latest bit of breathless B-related trivia is that, gosh darn it, this Texas gal still loves her some cowboys.

Via Hip-Hop Wired, Idolator tells us that Beyonce went down-home for a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Essence, where evidently the magazine's art directors and B's PR flacks decided it might move some issues if she cavorted with cowboys and rode a horse.

Oh yeah, and got nekkid in a bathtub.

If you must, you can watch some behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot on Idolator. It's all very tastefully done, and quite SFW. But still, it's Beyonce in cowgirl getup. And out of it.

We're just keeping you informed, y'all. It's what we do.

In other Texas/R&B-related news, Idolator also has some audio of Cee-Lo Green doing Elvis and Buddy Holly's "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" from the upcoming tribute album Rave On Buddy Holly, also featuring Florence & the Machine, Paul McCartney and Kid Rock, and also out June 28.

Check it out. It's no "Fuck You," but it ain't bad.

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