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Beyonce Throws A "Party" With Kanye, Andre 3000 & Slick Rick

Beyonce's wildly anticipated 4 has leaked three weeks ahead of its scheduled release date. One of the songs on the album, "Party," finds Bey joining forces with Kanye West and rap's greatest hermit Andre 3000.

It starts with a classic Kanyeism: "You a bad girl and your friend's bad too/Oh, you got the swag sauce, you're dripping swagu."Then, as soon as the beat drops, Beyonce gushes: "I may be young but I'm ready/ To give you all my love/ I told my girls you can get it/ Don't slow it down, just let it go/ So in looooove..."

Beyonce is a happy woman. Why wouldn't she be? She dons the most coveted tiara in pop, her new album has music fiends salivating, and her man adores her.

"Party" captures Bey's current state of mind. True to its title, it's a party tune. But it's not your "drop down and do the eagle" type party track." It's not a "grab your squeeze and grind slow" party track, either. It's somewhere in between.

Imagine if you were at a 21-and-up club with a friend who's too shy to dance in public. This is the song that gently grabs your friend by the waist and leads her to the dance floor.

Laced by the unlikely duo of Kanye and Consequence, the beat is catchy as fuck. It's got that slinky '80s vibe, underlined by the "La Di Da Di" sample. Yep, that's Slick Rick going "You know what, yo peep this" in the background.

Aside from the introductory lines, Kanye doesn't even rap on this. But who needs 'Ye when you've got Andre 3000 dropping a barrage of quotables: "Kiddo says he looks up to me/ This just makes me feel old/ Never thought that we could become someone else's hero/ Man, we were just in the food court, eating our gyros."

4 is scheduled for release on June 28.

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