Beyond "Thriller": Top 10 Zombie Music Videos

One of Rocks Off's choice ambient/shoegaze artists, Grouper, has just released visuals for her song "Alien Observer" and it's full of (almost) everything that we hold dear: Blood, zombies buried beneath foliage, and girl-on-girl action. Oh, and Liz Harris' haunting voice.

It's beautiful; which is shocking to us personally, because after watching "Thriller" as a 10-year-old, we couldn't fall asleep comfortably for at least two years. Not to mention that around the same time, we saw Night of the Living Dead at our neighbor's house even though we knew we weren't allowed to.

As far as music videos go, the zombie theme is interminable-pun intended-and it's been a ubiquitous visual concept since way before we were even born. We have a lot of weird memories that have been reawakened in our head, so we're going to go call our mom.

We want to finally 'fess up to the rated-R movie we weren't allowed to watch; it might explain some things. In the meantime, here are 10 selections of memorable zombie-related videos for you to feast on.

Grouper, "Alien Observer":

Kanye West, "Monster":

People have been going apeshit over this video. Activist Sharon Haywood started an official petition to prevent the video's circulation because of its eroticized zombie-woman-hating plot.

Aesop Rock, "Coffee":

Ace Rizzle in "The Blood Letting." Do you know why he can get away with showing bloody boobies on Vevo? Because he's the freaking illest and too underrated and what the fuck - why does this video only have 176,00 views?

Peaches & Iggy Pop, "Kick It":

Oh, shit. Peaches and Iggy kickin' zombie ass before the Zombieland rulebook was ever created. Iggy sort of scares us more than the living dead.

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Allison Wagoner