Black Keys-Approved, Hacienda Debuts Here In November

Hacienda, the rapidly ascending San Antonio rock band that recently released its second album, Big Red and Barbacoa, to rave reviews across the spectrum, will play its first-ever Houston-area show at Under the Volcano Thursday, November 4.

The band spent most of the past year backing Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, who produced Big Red..., on his world tour. The album is full of chunky, rollin-and-tumblin' garage rock. At times, it's vintage San Antonio/Doug Sahm old-school; others, Beatle-ish harmonies abound over some serious deep-bottomed rock.

Lonesome, Onry and Mean reached guitarist Dante Schwebel as the band was loading in at a club in East Lansing, Mich.

"It seems unreal that we've never played Houston," he says. "But every tour we've done has either been headed west or we head east through Dallas."

This week marks two years of constant touring for Hacienda, who has already played 128 gigs in 2010. The band also opens for My Morning Jacket October 19 during the Kentucky country-rockers' five-night stand at New York City's Terminal 5.

"It feels great to be a real, working band. Come on, I'm a guitar player," notes Schwebel. "I get to do this for a living. It just blows my mind every time I really think about it."

Schwebel noted that Big Red and Barbacoa has already caught 2008's Loud Is the Night in sales.

"It's doing great, and we're playing stuff from both albums in the shows," Schwebel said. "Ironically, the week after the Houston gig we are going to start recording, so that crowd may hear some new stuff if we've got something worked up that really grabs us."

Schwebel said he has a Houston friend who kept telling him the band should play Under the Volcano. He came over on a visit and went to the bar with his buddy.

"I immediately liked the vibe and thought we could do well playing there," says Schwebel, "so we had our booking people make it happen."

Seeing this band in the up-close-and-personal confines of the Bissonnet lounge should make for a face-melting opportunity. Check out "Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now" from their MySpace player.

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