Blog in Drenched: Underwater Lives God

As long I’m on the whole “backwards” tip, I might as well post this 1998 video from God Lives Underwater. It’s three minutes of a Japanese guy pulling food out of his mouth. Just think of him as a confused version of Kobayashi, the champion eating-machine. Anyone can stuff food in his mouth, but how many of us can pull it out? Not counting high school chicks trying to fit into prom dresses, of course.

There’s also a Jack Johnson video that was shot backwards, but I’ll be damned if I’ll post something that will get someone else laid. Man, chicks love Jack Johnson. With his surfer body, all toned and tanned. Scruffy beard. Manly musk. Sad poetic eyes.

What? I can totally surf. I just can’t right now because I wrecked my Harley the other night racing for sick kids and the doctor says the water will mess up my cast. – Craig Hlavaty

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