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Bob Schneider's Five Favorite Albums Of All Time

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It's been said that if you have lived in Texas for at least a decade and you haven't at least been in the vicinity of a Bob Schneider show, you are probably lying. Our introduction to Schneider was kind of heartbreaking, but that's another story for another blog, or maybe we've already told that one. If we did, Google that shit.

Anyhow, the man has been on a Houston tear as of late. He was just at McGonigel's Mucky Duck about a month ago in February, and will be there again on April 7. Like we said, he's not scarce, and each set is different than the last time you saw him, without fail. We spoke with him just this past November, pinning him down for a quick 30-second interview.

Friday, Schneider comes to House of Blues' main room, plugging in after The Daily Show's John Oliver throws down a comedy set. From what we have heard, Schneider could probably do a night of stand-up himself, considering his touring stories and personal life. He also has a debilitating pretty-lady fetish.

As our own William Michael Smith once put it, "He's survived a childhood in Munich, Germany, Sandra Bullock, drugs and spells as a sensitive singer-songwriter and a faux rapper."

We asked the man what his five favorite albums are, in particular order. He gets bonus points from Rocks Off for appreciating Randy Newman, not for just his soundtrack work, but for his devastating drinking songs.

Tom Waits, Rain Dogs:

It's hard to pick my favorite Tom Waits record, because I feel like this belongs in a sort of trilogy of the records that came before and after, Swordfishtrombones and Frank's Wild Years. If you're new to Tom Waits, though, this is a great one to start with and the first record of his that I ever heard. He instantly became my favorite songwriter and his records are some of the best ever made to me.

Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto, Getz/Gilberto:

One of the most beautiful records I've ever heard; like honey being poured on a huge pair of tits on a perfect day in Belize while drinking a mojito looking out over the ocean.

Paul Simon, Graceland:

Just a perfect and amazing record that's made even more incredible by the fact that Paul Simon had been making amazing records all the way up until then, and really had nothing to prove and still just put it all together in a masterpiece that stands up to the test of time.

Randy Newman, Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman:

His box set of greatest hits? Soundtrack material and basically his best songs all together in one place proves what an incredible arranger, composer, songwriter and lyricist Randy Newman is. If you only know his Toy Story work, this is the place to discover one of the greatest living songwriters around.

Steve Miller Band, Greatest Hits:

There's a very good reason why this record has sold almost more copies than any other record in history. This shit is incredible! Not a bad song in the lot and some of the most effortless rock/pop ever crafted. The best record of the '70s? Probably.

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